Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good Samaritan - 19 December 2011

Hey Familia!

So this week has been a good one. I have been able to meet some nice people, have a luncheon in a million dollar home, pick up 2 new investigators and eat frog legs! Now, for the part that everyone is thinking about right now... The frog legs really dont taste all that bad. It's like alligator on a chicken wing... about the same amount of meat as a chicken wing and tastes like alligator except slightly less of a fish taste... It wasn't horrible but I wouldn't choose to eat it again.  Now I know that if we are served that I would be able to eat it! Hahaha. Oh! And I tipped a guy for making me the wrong kind of sushi... go figure! There is a Chinese family in one of our wards that we got to eat dinner at there house and they made homemade chinese food!  It was great!  I couldnt have asked for better Chinese.

There is a missionary here, Elder Terry, who is a big goofball. He reminds me of some of the friends I had back at EAST. But, where he is serving there are alot of little jumps that he can ride off of and get some air on his bike. Well we went on exchanges the other day and I stayed in his area with his companion and got to ride his bike... ITS HORRIBLE! His front tire is all sorts of jacked up and the spokes on his back wheel are all loose!! It's insane that he is still riding that thing without it falling apart!  But, my bike is still good!  Haha, I havent been too rebellious with the "bikes dont fly" rule... I am taking it in today to get the cables tightened since the guy said to do that after 6 weeks of riding it around. But, it should all be covered under the warranty. So that is fantastic.

Yesterday 3 out of our 4 wards had their Christmas programs. It was great because I got to listen to music all day! I heard Luke 2 read over and over about 5 different times. But, it was really good! We had Angela and Tatem show up and stay for all 3 hours! it was awesome! Oh! and the ward before that, they ran out of cups during sacrament... I have never seen that happen.  Every single deacon ran out of cups and, not just one but TWO, deacons had to go back up to the table to receive a new tray. And they still almost ran out again!!  The place was SO crowded, it was awesome!  There were tons of non-members there but, unfortunately none of them wanted to learn anything more or would stay for the second hour.  BUT, we did get one boy, the boyfriend of a member that is going to take lessons.

We also started to clean out our Area Book. It's a book that has records of everyone that was ever taught in the area.  We started to go through there and pick out people that were never baptized to go and visit them to see if they were still interested. We picked up 1 family of 4. We went to contact another one of those people and they told us no so we decided to knock a few doors around them and picked up one more!  It was one of those miracle days!  I loved it.  I finally felt like my efforts were paying off.

This Christmas season is the time when we are always told we need to really remember Christ in our every day lives. That the birth of Christ is and should be the focal point of this season. Well, I was thinking about this and really thought about a few things.  But, the parable of the good Samaritan kept popping into my head.  I thought, "How on earth does that relate to Christmas??"  Well, it actually plays into it really well.  If you think about Christmas as the season of giving, what is "giving" really?  It is showing charity, the true love of Christ, to those that we aren't necessarily very close with; shoot, we may not know them at all!  Now, the good Samaritan, what is that all about?  Everyone knows that people just passed the guy in need by and didnt give it a second thought. Everyone knows that there was one man, who should, because of cultural differences, hate this man but, he stopped and helped him. What did Christ do for all of us?  He gave His LIFE so that we can live with our Heavenly Father.  I cant remember exactly where it is that it is said but somewhere toward the beginning 1/3rd of Alma there is a verse, its verse 21, that talks about charity.  It says something along the lines of, if we are asked of someone to give something of ours to them, why should we turn them away?  God gives to all men liberally if we simply ask. He gives us everything we have and doesn't expect anything but our love and obedience to Him.  So why shouldnt we be able to give a dollar here or a car ride there to someone that is in need of our services. You may not like the person or be very close with the person but there is always an opportunity for charity to take an important role in our lives. Take this next week and do just that, show charity for those that are in need and compassion for those we may struggle to get along with. I know that as we forget ourselves, the Lord will take care of us. He will give unto us light as He did for the brother of Jared so that we will not have to walk our path in darkness.

I love and miss all of you. I hope that you all really take to heart the true meaning of Christmas.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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