Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Conversing thru E-mail

Daniel: "Hey Kids! I'm on!"

Randi: "DANIELLLL!!!! I've been waiting for you to get on! Lol, I know, I need to get a life. How are things in Tempe?!"

Daniel: "Things are going really well! I have a boy! Hahaha, that just means I got a son and that I'm training someone. It's pretty legit. We are having some good times. I might write you later today about it though.
I got your letter! Thanks for that! But, yeah, Jodi is awesome, I will definitely miss teaching her. She was amazing. But, her fellowships friends pointed something out to us that I hadnt thought about before. She always told us that she didnt like change and that that was what had kept her from some of her baptismal dates. Well, guess what! That's probably her challenge in things to really test her faith. I dont know why I hadnt thought about that before but it just seems totally and completely right! Anyway, I promise I wont open your package until Monday. *Monday is Daniel's Birthday* My roomates will definitely try to make me open it earlier though. I will refrain! Hahaha, but, that's pretty much everything that is new!"

Randi:"That's awesome! I'm glad you have some peace of mind about Jodi. And congratulations on your boy!! Lol! All the missionary terminology is so funny to me. You guys are goof balls! Ok, well I have to go and get the girls down for naps, but be expecting you package by Thursday. And don't give in to your roommates! Lol, be strong! I love you Tempe. We all miss you a lot. Keep up the good work, and we'll see you in 13 months!! :D"

Daniel: "Lol its very possible! It's like those barfy scenes in a romantic movie where they're like "Whenever you look up at that moon, always remember that I am on the other side looking with you." *BAARRFF!!!!* or something to that effect. But hey, we are about to go shopping. This week we didnt have as much time to e-mail just cause we got here a little late. I love you Rand! I hope to hear from you next week!!"

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