Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E-mail September 3, 2012

Hey Everyone! We got transfer calls and I am staying another! Elder O'Toole is gone though =/ ... The Lord obviously needs him elsewhere. But, the crappy thing about this transfer is 1) We lost our YSA ward! And two other Elder picked it up that personally I dont think should be there but, it's not up to me. 2) We lost our car because we lost our YSA ward! 3) I am no longer teaching Jodi (She told her fellowship that when she gets back from Idaho she would get baptized) and because she lost both of her missionaries she probably wont get baptized as soon as she was wanting to. She HATES change. So yeah, that is everything that happened this past 24 hours or less. It's ridonkulous. But, I am staying where I am and will continue to have the chance to build up these two wards that have very little work in them. It'll be fun!

I love you all! Miss ya much!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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