Monday, August 27, 2012

E-Mail August 27, 2012

*This last e-mail from Daniel was a pretty short one. It didn't really even give a good update on how things are going, it was kinda of contradictory, and it ended kind of abruptly. Here I'll let you read and see what I mean.*

Sorry for the short one this week guys. I'm a loser, I know...
This week has been kinda sorta good/bad. We didnt have a great teaching week but we did just pick up a new investigator that we had been waiting on for a few weeks. Her name is Jessica. Taller, skinny and a bright ol' red-head. She is in the Singles Ward and dating a guy named Andrew. He didnt want to push it on her and then have her get baptized for the wrong reasons. So he waited... and waited... but yesterday she came up to us and asked us when we can meet! We were super stoked! So we have a lesson with her later tonight and we think we might be able to set her up for a baptismal date! Woot!! That was really the only good thing that happened. There were a couple other funny moments but I dont remember exactly what they were. Elder O'Toole kind of tries to take over things some times and others he just sits back and lets me make the decision. It's a little frustrating. Because he has been in the area for so long he shoots down a lot of my ideas on how to do things because he says that they wont work. Other times, when I ask for his opinion about something he just doesnt have one. I dont know. It's all good though. We get along pretty well and I think, from what the ZL's were kind of hinting at, he might go senior this next transfer. OR since this next transfer coming in has 22 people in it! he might train. Who knows?! Haha, it'll be good for him either way.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

2155 S. 55th st. #1048
Tempe AZ 85282

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