Tuesday, August 7, 2012

E-mail August 6, 2012

Hello Familia!
This past week has been a good one. We didnt have as many teachig opportunities as we wouldve liked but, unfortunately, that's what happens when people start going into school and last minute vacations... things fall through. But, we did pick up a few new investigators and we even put one on date for baptism! It's so kewl to see how the Lord prepares people for these saving ordinances.

The new investigators we picked up are kinda kewl. One guy, John, is like 40 y/o and loves his music. He always tells us how he was ordained in the pentecostal church 2 years ago and was a preacher within that church for some time. He then had his ordination revoked by that church because of some reason unbeknownst to us. He loves to play music though. The very first thing he did when we walked in was shake our hands and ask if he could play us a few gospel songs he wrote. He sings pretty well and actually has a couple of good songs. But, we started to get down to business and he knows his stuff. He is very attentive and is just an awesome guy to teach. He is on date for baptism for the 25th of August!

Jeremy is the other investigator we picked up this week. He has been around the church for his entire life and loves the atmosphere of it all. He is about 26 y/o and is kinda non-commital because he always puts his family first. He wants to be a part of it all but he feels that it is too big of a commitment to make when he has family that he cares about. He has met with missionaries in the past is thought it would be a good idea to start back up again with us. We have only had one lesson with him but, it was a good one. We learned a lot about him and he is willing to listen which is always good.

But, I do have a story to tell and a picture to go along with the story. Maybe even a video if I can get it uploaded and sent. If nothing else it will be on my card whenever I send that home. BUT! One night all of us were sitting around at the end of the day just talking (I'm in another house of 4). Well two of us, myself included, sat down at the table to have a bowl of cereal and we had our milk jugs sitting next to us. After we finished our cereal we joined to conversation. During this conversation I picked up a dart nearby and tried to throw it into the other Elder's milk. I missed of course but, it started a game. We kept doing it for about 5 minutes and decided we needed to make it competitive. So we decided that whoever had the dart thrown into their jug first had to drink what was left. He was drinking whole milk and had about 1/4 gallon left. I was drinking 2% and had about 3/4 gallon left. We kept shooting and kept shooting. finally at about 10:15, just 15 min. before we had to be in bed, he SINKS it into my milk jug!!

 I was like "there is absolutely NO WAY I can do this right now." So we agreed on me just having to match what he had left. So I had to drink 1/4 gallon of milk because he threw a green dart in there. How long did it take me?? 60 seconds! Did I throw up at all?? Heck to the NO!! I felt like BUTT after I had drinken all of it that I had to but I felt like a champ the next day cause I didnt let it come back up! Hahahaha!
Anyway, I love you all and I hope everything is going well with everyone. I miss you!

~Elder Daniel Peterson
2155 S. 55th st. #1048
Tempe AZ 85282

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