Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Second Area Questions

* For every area that Daniel is in I have him answer a few questions. This is his response to those questions...*

Hey Randi!
So, I will answer all of your questions first. That includes the ones that your asked throughout your letter.

Elder O'Toole has been out for 6 months, working on 7&1/2. Which means I am only like... 3 months older than he is.
(I just realized that that was the only answer I have to give for questions you asked within your letter =P )
Now on to your original 8 questions...

1) I had 2 companions in Show Low. Elder Koons and Elder Woerner.
2) I had 8 Baptisms while in Show Low.
     - Glenn Self (April 21st)
     - James Stohman (April April 28th)
     - Chloe and Marina (March 27th)
     - Trevor, Gus, Amber and Antonia Hutchinson (June 20th)
     - (I just did that all from memory... I'm awesome.)
3) My favorite contacts: The Hutchinsons, The Voughts, The Harrops, Glenn, James, The Beecrofts, The Hunsakers, The Swanseys
4) Most Intersting thing eaten: Peanut Butter on waffles with syrup and honey.
    Best thing eaten: Cod with sweet potato fries
    Worst thing eaten: This weird salad thing with little purple marble-sized balls that tasted like butt.
5) Best P-day memory: Going golfing with Elders Howard, Koons and Knighton. Howard threw Knightons ball off of the green and onto the fairway. Koons is putting on the fairway. Knighton chips his ball up onto the green. NAILS Elder Koons in the mouth!! Had to go to an urgent care clinic for him to get 6 stitches. I got to wear Beer Goggles while he was being operated on.... funtastic.
6) Something I'll never forget: The members are awesome, the weather is awesome, and the people are CRAZY!!
7) Something I learned: Patience and to lead from behind. Being bold without being overbearing.
8) One sentence summary: Show Low is a place I grew to love and had a lot of fun in, almost too much fun.

Now for the rest of the letter! I actually dont have a whole lot of time left BUT! I do love to hear that Tina is finally doing better than she was at developing, that Bryan is finally getting to spend some time at home with you and the girls and that you have plans to make improvements to your little life! That's great!!

I love you Randi and appreciate everything you do for me. I miss you a ton. Hope all is well!

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