Monday, July 30, 2012

E-Mail July 30, 2012

Hey Kiddos! 

Guess what?! I'm back in Tempe!! Hahahahaha, it's SAWEEET!

It's not the same area I was in at the start but it is still Tempe! I knew my companion too! His name is Elder O'Toole. He is so legit. The only issue with him is that he is a Heat fan. It's okay though, he will get over that soon when I shove Mavericks down his throat when I school him on P-Days! Hahaha, naw, he is super kewl though, I love the guy to death. This transfer will be really good. Oh! And I went senior! So now if anything goes wrong and President Howes hears about it it's my neck that gets wrung! Hahaha. It'll be good though, I'm super excited for it!!

~ Elder Daniel Peterson
2155 S. 55th St. #1048
Tempe AZ 85282


Hey Rand!

So yeah, my new comp and area are awesome. I love them both. The address I sent at the end of the first e-mail is the new mailing address. But, just in case you didnt get that one, here ya go!

2155 S. 55th st. #1048
Tempe AZ 85282

So yeah, he is way sweet. Elder O'Toole is his name and I love the guy to death. We knew each other before I left to go to the mountains so we get along pretty dang well. I dont have a whole lot of time left so I'm gonna get to a few other things I gotta do while I have time.

I love you Randi! I miss you and thank you for ALL that you do! Oh!! Speaking of, there is a CD that I would LOVE to have. It is called "Popcorn Bopping." It's legit. You would probably get a kick out of it and I think Katie would really like it too. But, If you happened to want to send that out, that would be fantastic. Haha! There is a list of other songs that I think would be kewl to have on a CD but, I would have to send you a list of them all so you could burn onto a CD for me. A bunch of the songs are on the LDS youth site. Basically any EFY CD would be awesome to have too. OK! I'm done asking for things! Love ya!!
~Elder Daniel Peterson,

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