Monday, July 2, 2012

Kickball and Clippers

*I'm not sure when this letter was from because it mentions Elder Koons, and his new companion is Elder Woerner, but I just got it, so I'm going to post it here!*

Hey Familia!

How has everything been since Monday? How was your Sabbath? Mine was pretty good.

Today we played kickball & I realized that I can't play that game! Especially with Elder Koons. I get too competitive & he does childish things that piss me off. We also get into stupid petty arguments that tick me off too. It's dumb. But, we did get free pizza today. So that was good.

I came home & was going to cut my hair with the clippers I bought down in the valley. Come to find out, they don't cut hair anymore! Woo hoo! I paid $20 for two haircuts. Which is what I would pay if I were to actually pay for hair cuts but that was the whole point in buying my own. It's slightly ridiculous. But, you guys didn't happen to come across my old clippers did ya? That would be nice. If not, any chance you could send a set? I hate asking for it cause you've already spent so much plus, it costs money to keep shipping things. Bleh :(

Well, thanks for all you have done! I really appreciate it. I love you guys! Miss you much!

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

P.S.- I finished the B of M *Book of Mormon* today! Woot! Almost done with Luke too. Love ya!

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