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E-Mail July 16, 2012

Hey Familia!

So, this week has been a different one, that's for sure. Elder Woerner had his leadership meeting down in the Valley for a few days so I was with a different set of Elders. But, We shall start from the beginning.

We will start with Tuesday. Tuesday is our District meeting day and typically our walk day. That didnt happen. We had DM and it all went fine and dandy and then we went to lunch at DQ which, because of a member owning it, we get for free once a week! Well after that we had a few other visits to make out in a part of our area that is about 10 miles out (Silver Lake Estates), so we drove. We made those couple of visits and then made another few visits to a part that is another 3 miles further out (White Mountain Lakes). We made a couple of visits out there and then came back. There is something that happened there that I will get to later.

Wednesday Elder Woerner left for his meeting in the Valley. I was put with two other Elders, Elders Biggs and Dockstader. They are pretty kewl and we all get along really well. The first day out there we had a few lessons in our area, Woerner's and mine, and then we headed back to their area for dinner. Ribs!! It was greatness. We had some service planned later that night for a family whose house had just recently caught fire. The garage was trashed and a part of the actual house was melted away so we were moving furniture and all that stuff. We were going to anyway. The service ended up canceling as we pulled up so we went home and finished out the night there.

Thursday wasnt too eventful. They dont have a whole lot going on in their area so we didnt get to do much. Just a lot of door knocking.

Friday was a different day. Elder Woerner came home that night at about 8:30. Well this is how the day went prior to his return. Elder Biggs and Dockstader had taken planning morning, the time of week where we take a few hours and plan for the upcoming week. While they did that I studied a few things and did a couple of Sudokus. Fun stuff! We had been invited to go to lunch at a pizza place in my area with Elders Clark and Osborn. So we went and we just made an exchange there so that they wouldnt waste a million of their miles driving back and forth between the two areas. They went back to their area and I was with Clark and Osborn down in White River, one of the Indian Reservations. I got to see a beat down building with a ton of graffiti on it, a couple of families and a naked guy! That was a new sight! (Ryan, shutup. I know what you're thinking. You too Ben!) Well after we got back for dinner another set of Elders were there at our place using our bathrooms. Elders Frame and Robles. They are really great missionaries also. Well now Elder Clark and Elder Osborn had a family they wanted to go visit but, since they wouldnt get back til late and the other Elders were going to be around my area I stayed with them. We did their thing until Elder Woerner got back. Well, this is where I messed up. Well, this is where I realized I messed up. Elder Woerner comes back livid. Apparently he told me that I needed to leave our truck at the ZL's house for when he got back. He never said anything about it that I heard. So that was one thing but, he had been holding stuff in that has been bugging him about me. So we had a little "talk" and got it all out. He said I have been super prideful and dont trust him. That he felt like I had been trying to do things my way instead of his. I apologized for all that I had done and the way I had made him feel. I didnt mean to do that and I can see where he sees pride in me. Now, I dont know if I had told all of you this but, during my interview with President Howes, because of the way things were, he told me I would have to "wear a hat I have worn before." Meaning I would have to start to lead from behind. I dont say this to justify anything but, Elder Woerner finally noticed that I was doing that and so hopefully, things change and he takes on his role so I can play mine as the Junior Companion. But, that was my whole week.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty typical. Nothing new or exciting or anything fun/funny happened.

Now back to Tuesday and the story I had to tell. I will send a picture of it later this week. So! We were out making those few visits and one of the people we were going to visit is a referral we received from other Elders. His name is Jason Low. Well we go up to his door and there is no answer. We knock and ring again and still no answer. Well he has a dog in the backyard that is super cute. The back fence wraps around and comes up to the front of the house so the dog was right there. The dog had his paws up on the fence just begging to be pet so I went up and pet the dog. He put his paws on my hand and kind of rested his head there as I pet him with my other hand. It started to rain so I let the dog go back and I turned to go back to the truck. As I turn I put my head down to keep the rain out of my eyes and guess what I see! THE DOG FREAKIN PEED ON ME!!!!  I had lines of urine from my crotch down to my knees from where this little crap of a dog took a leak on me!! I was pissed but I couldnt help but laugh because of what just happened. I was shocked!!

So yeah, that's the extent of my week. I love you and miss you all! Hope you enjoy YOUR week!!
~ Elder Daniel Peterson


So in that last long e-mail I just sent I didnt make it clear at all what the mistake I had made was. With all those switches and everything else that happened that day, apparently, unbeknownst to me, I was supposed to be with those elders for a specific reason. Either way, I should have let someone know I was switching companionships and I had forgotten to do that.

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