Monday, November 12, 2012

November 5, 2012

Hey Randi!

Sorry for not "writing" you in so long. But thanks a ton for the letters. They really help.

Cute Halloween costumes! Tina's lookin' good as a little lady bug. (Kates seems to be getting pretty good with her camera if she's getting shots like that out of the back of cars!) Michelle looks so growed up! I can't stand it! Haha, that's awesome though, great to see. (Sorry for all the mistakes *I fixed them for this post* & sloppiness. Been a little hard to focus lately.) So how did they like all of the festivities? Trunk-or-treat or trick-or-treating? What all went down? We had to stay inside a church, with the rest of our zone, & read the new testament from 8am - 5pm. Then we got to go home & kinda do whatever. So we played a lot of Hearts & Risk that night. Nothing too extravagant.

As for this past week or so, it's been alright. We put this guy named Val on date for baptism for the 17th. He's from Uzbekistan. Than on Sunday, our miracle day, we had 2 kids show up to church that never show up & a guy from Russia that we have been trying to meet up with for 2 months randomly called us up & asked us to meet with him. His name is Igor. Stereotypical accent & all. It's kinda kewl.

I've been reading "Jesus the Christ" lately & it's pretty legit. The first bit was hard to get used to & understand but now it's an awesome read. It is helping me a lot right now.

Well, sorry for the kinda lame & short letter. Not too much time to write it, too much to write about this week. But, I love you Rand. I miss you. Hope all is going well with the blowfish!

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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