Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Surprise Visit

A few weeks ago Bryan (Randi's husband) had to go to Arizona for a business trip. Where in Arizona, you ask? Tempe! Where in Tempe, you ask? Well, if you're walking, he was about 15 minutes from Daniel's apartment! Crazy right!?! So I sent Bryan with a Pumpkin Roll and extra Icing to ding-dong ditch at Daniel's door. We had heard that some missionaries get a little freaked out when they see family members on their mission, and we didn't want Daniel to feel that way.

Bryan went to Daniel's apartment around 9:00 on Sunday night, wrote a little note to make sure Daniel knew it was from us, and then knocked and left. It turns out that missionaries and very quick to open their doors because one of Daniel's companions yelled a "Thank You" to Bryan as he was walking away. Bryan was polite, but kept his distance. He waved and smiled, and then kept going to his car. As Bryan was getting into his car he heard another someone yell, "BRYAN?!?" He turned around and saw Daniel hanging over the side of his balcony. Daniel called Bryan back and met him at his front door.

Bryan came home and retold the story to everyone in the family. He said that Daniel is doing GREAT! He's never seen Daniel happier, and was pleased to report that Daniel still looks just like Daniel! Lol! A whole year into his mission and he hasn't gained a pound. 

It was so good to hear about Daniel from someone other then Daniel! We are all so proud of him and miss him tons every day! 

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