Monday, December 17, 2012

Who Steals a CTR Ring?!

Last week Daniel sent his Christmas wish to us, and shared why he was asking for what he wanted. While I'm not expecting anyone out there to send him his request (I'm pretty sure a parental unit will take care of him), I did think his e-mail was funny, and wanted to share his thoughts with everyone.

I had just thought about one last little gift that would be nice to have. So, when I was in Ahwatukee I left my CTR ring in the bathroom and went back in like 2 hours and it was gone. Yes, I left it in the bathroom which is my fault but! Who steals a CTR ring?!?!?! They obviously don't know what CTR stands for so why would they want it? If they do know what CTR stands for than why are they STEALING?? I don't know. But.... A new one would be fantastic. My finger size is 7.5, I'm pretty sure. So yeah..
I love you!! Miss you much!! See ya in a couple of weeks!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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