Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Amazing Week

Sooo... We had another pretty amazing week! It was great! 

On Monday we went and played sand volleyball with one of our districts and killed our feet. It was definitely worth it though, SO much fun!! Then we went to a FHE (Family Home Evening) activity where we brought a couple girls that we talked to on the street and they really enjoyed the activity and had a lot of fun. But, than we taught them a lesson and they weren't really into it. Too bad... But, on Tuesday, we talked with our zone about the previous week and how it wasn't as good as the week prior. Still good! but not as good. So we kinda leaned into em a bit and them finished with an outpouring of love. It's amazing how following the counsel of a prophet works out. This last week was better than the first one I ranted and raved about!! It was awesome!! Our zone taught 151 lessons, talked to 1399 people out on the streets, and KICKED BUTT everywhere else!! Than on Wednesday we had interviews with President Howes which went really well. We had to give a training on Planning, which everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with and took some good things from. Thursday I got to do an interview for a man who cant speak, so he only knows ASL, and he's crippled. It was a crazy experience. Friday and Saturday were pretty normal days. Yesterday, Sunday, we went to church and a few other meetings we had with Stake Presidents. We did our transfer recommendations and taught a lesson to a new investigator, Derrek. He's got a little bit of a mental disability but, he can still learn. Than we went to a Mission President's Devotional with an investigator named Dani. It was awesome. At these MPDs there are always 2 Recent Converts that get up and share their conversion story with everyone. After that there is a musical number that is given and then a member of the Mission Presidency gives a talk. Well this time Pres. Howes gave the talk. It was really good. He talked a lot about the Atonement of Christ and how it effects our lives. He also talked about love. It was great, it was a good spiritual experience. And then while we were there, after it was all over President always offers anyone that wants to to come and talk with him for a little bit and just get to know him. After that happened with Dani, we stayed and talked a little bit with the Assistants, which is Elder Carroll and Lanier. It was really good to talk to them, specifically Elder Carroll. He goes home next week and has been a HUGE impact in my mission and my life. I love that kid. He's done a lot for me and I'm definitely gonna miss him, but that's part of the mission and part of life, right? People come, people go. 

Yeah, that was the week! Everything is going great!! I love it. It's starting to get a little hotter but that's alright. I still get another 7 months of doing The Lord's work as a set apart full-time missionary. What an opportunity!! I love you all and miss you much!

~Elder Daniel Peterson
3939 w. Windmill Blvd. #1063
Chandler AZ. 85226 

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