Monday, March 11, 2013

He loves his job!

This is an e-mail chain sent between my Dad and Daniel earlier today. I don't think there is a better message you can get from you missionary son/brother. He certainly LOVES His work!

Dad:Got one for you… who said this… “We can never hold within ourselves the great blessings of light and truth which have come to us from the Almighty. Ours is an obligation, a serious responsibility to carry to the world not only the secular truth we acquire . . . but also the great good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ours is truly a message of hope and reconciliation. It is a word of hope for all mankind, a beacon of eternal truth to which men may look as they lift their eyes and souls to their Creator and in the process come to recognize their common brotherhood.”

Daniel: So... I'll be honest, I looked it up. BUT!! Only after I had taken my guess! I guessed right!! I actually read over it a couple of times with a few different people's voices in my head and G.B. Hinckley just fit! Especially with some of the words and phrasing he used. But, I do love that quote. It's a great one for sure! 

After a few more e-mail exchanges it's back to Daniel. Now here's the good stuff:

Things going? Great!! Never a better day!!

Spirits High? Always!! Haha, our zone is doing awesome. Last week we lead the mission in just about every aspect of the work. This week, we did pretty close to the same. It wasnt as good but it was still pretty fantastic. 

Companion great? For sure!! Elder O'Toole and I have served together in the past, I love the kid!! Works hard, has fun, keeps the optimism in the zone high. He's got a lot going for him.

Work Progressing well? For the most part yes. We had a lot of lessons fall through this past week but, that happens every now and then.  We found a few more people to teach but havent been able to get in with them yet. Hopefully this week will be much better. 

Anything I need?? I dont think so. I got an iPod from a missionary that just went home. It's only 4GB but, I only have 136 songs or so on there. There are actually 212 but there are a lot of duplicates. But that's all temporal, doesnt really matter. Everything is going great though. I love being out here. It's crazy. I was thinking, the other day, about some of the things I used to do back home and some of the missionary experiences I had or how I reacted when The Gospel was brought up and realized I've wanted to do this for a lot longer than I realized. I didnt ever think about it but when I was in Deacons, Teachers and Priests quorum I was always doing something. I know I didnt always do it the best but, something was going on as far as inviting people to mutual or trying to get some LA *(less active)* kids back to church. Whatever. I didnt know it. But I freakin love this Church. I love The Gospel and everything it does, not only for me but, for everyone. It's amazing!! I love the opportunity I have to go and testify to people on the streets or in their homes or in sacrament meeting during a talk or testimony meeting. We are all SO blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and perfect organization. Christ's church IS The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There's no question. The spirit that is felt while at church, reading from the scriptures, in particular the Book of Mormon, and the comfort and joy that comes from kneeling down in humble prayer to speak with our Heavenly Father is incredible. If only people would listen to The "Great Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ"... everyone would know what happiness they can truly experience. It may not always be easy but we will always know that we have a Loving Father in Heaven. I love it!!

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