Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Missionaries View of the Missionary Broadcast

Hello Familia!! 

Hope all is going well back home. BUT!! Did you see the broadcast last night?! Hopefully it lit a fire that has been laying dormant for some time. There were only a few things that were mentioned last night that stood out, as far as changes. Even then, they weren't really big changes, at least not for our mission. The internet access at church houses is not happening here but will happen when they launch the rest of the iPads and iPhones to the mission. Church tours have been happening since the beginning of my mission but, it sounds like we will, eventually, become more readily available for things like that. I don't know what all is to come of that and I especially don't know The Father's timing of it all. But, what I do know is that our Prophets and Apostles continue to tell all members of the church to preach The Gospel!

Last night was the second time in 9 months that the Arizona region has been asked and exhorted to become better member missionaries. But this is the nth number of time that The Church has been exhorted to preach The Gospel. Since the time of Joseph Smith, as was stated multiple times last night (and please remember President Monson's words on the importance and meaning of repetition), we as members of the church have not only an obligation but a DUTY to "raise a voice of warning" to our neighbors. Last night, nothing changed! But it was reiterated because "The second coming of the Messiah" is near. This work NEEDS to hasten. 

I read a talk this morning that I found as I was cleaning out a binder and getting things organized entitled "Let Us Raise Our Voice of Warning." It was given by President Eyring in 2009. It says the exact same things that were talked about last night! I would invite all of you to read this talk.  ( ) The first section "Our Duty to Warn" is the part of the talk that stood out most. Dad, you say it all the time, "I don't want to be the one, standing in front of a friend or family member, who has to hear the words, 'You knew. Why didn't you tell me?'" I would HATE to hear that! Every time I think of those words, especially now knowing the importance of this message, I cant help but think of those I need to speak to. That I have had past opportunities to share this message of happiness with and missed. 

The point of it all is that we need to get to work. Our Heavenly Father, He who can see the bigger picture, is trying to tell us we need to start taking it seriously. He has been for years and it has been taken too lightly by far too many of us. His Son is preparing the world to receive Him once more. He will not come until EVERY soul has had the chance to hear of Him, have had the chance to make the choice to accept or reject Him and His message. We, as missionaries, as numerous as we are becoming, cannot get to everyone alone. We may be hitting 70k, building up towards 100k, but we can't stand alone in our efforts. I don't know what else to say. The Prophets and Apostles have been saying it repeatedly. Last night they were simply being blunt about it. 

Our Father in Heaven loves each of His children the same, why should we not help Him give all of His children the same blessings we have? We are no better than the rest but have been blessed with more simply because we accepted what was presented to us. We cannot say that we are living up to, and fulfilling, our end of every covenant we have ever made if we are not "inviting others to come unto Christ." I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that He lives. That His work is hastening and EVERYONE needs to be involved. I hope that everyone receives the message with enthusiasm. If The Brethren have motivated all of us but you dont feel they have trained/taught us how... "Ask the Missionaries! They can help you!" 

~Elder Daniel Peterson

575 W. Pecos #2006
Chandler AZ 85225

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