Monday, June 10, 2013

Nothing too special

Daniel recently sent home a letter that was closed with a wax seal. When I asked him about it this is what he said,
"Sooo... Elder Friley, my MTC comp. lives with me now. He does that stuff with all of his letters and his sister sent him a pack of ones that she found. But, yeah! It's fun stuff! =P"

We also talked about the package I sent him last month. It was a summertime package so it had some sunscreen, aloe, sunglasses, and a ton or yellow food and treats. The message was something along the lines of :Sending you a little sunshine to chase away those cloudy days. Here was his response to that:
"Hahaha, I did get your package. Thanks!! But, there are definitely no cloudy days in AZ! I wish you would send me some!! Hahahaha, it might cool this place down 10-20 degrees! Things are going well. Pretty typical weeks and days right now. Nothing too special. We only have 1 guy we are really actively teaching right now. He's pretty kewl. His name is Jeremy. Kind of a weird dude but, so is everyone else! "

Apparently our typical Texas summer weather followed Daniel to Arizona this year- Haha! Poor kid!

I'll post an update with what he had to say in his letter sometime later this week.

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  1. This is the boy's first real summer in Arizona... yes, he's been out nearly 2 years, BUT... he was in Show Low for the majority of his first summer... that shouldn't count! The hottest days he had up in the mountains was in the low 90s... the big baby!