Monday, July 29, 2013

Going to the Temple

I didn't get to chat with Daniel very much today, (We'll see if Pa sends me anything blog-worthy) but I did find this little picture of him in front of the Mesa Temple.
From left to right it's Elder Daniel Peterson, Elder O'Toole, (And now we'll stick with first names for privacy reasons) Eva, Tim, Tyler, and Jordan. These are just a few of the fun people that Daniel has been able to spend time with over the past few months. He announced today that he'll be getting transfered, so I'm sure he'll be missing these guys, but he's also pretty excited to be going somewhere new. I'll post his new address as soon as I get it! Don't forget to write to him! He's in his last few months before he comes home so I'm sure he could use a few "endure to the end" and "keep up the good work" speeches! Lol, just don't tell him I told you to say that! ;)

P.S.- if you look closely at the picture you might notice that Elder O'Toole, and Daniel have very similar looking ties. In fact they have 11, yep- ELEVEN, matching ties! Lol! It's a missionary style bromance!

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