Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just a quick update

Here's a quick update conversation between Pa and Daniel yesterday. 

Wazzup buttercup?!?

So let’s see… your little sister has been attending the singles branch every other week (with the exception of this past week where she’s attended 2 weeks in a row because Jace was speaking).  Her and Jace have gone out on a couple dates and she went to his house this past weekend to help him and his dad paint his bedroom.  Jace is a good kid.  I like the Wilsons.  I’m glad she found someone with good moral values to have some fun dating with.  Staying on the subject of your little sister… she’s also been attending FHE with the YSA group AND Institute!  I know!  For shizzle my nizzle!  Awesome right?!?  Katie attending institute and actually loving it?  Who would have thunk it!  It’s great to see her so happy.  AND… Tanner gave her his phone number this past week… Ut-oh… a Moline!?!?  LOL.  I love that she’s happy and I’ve been teasing her about it.  Last night she was talking about wedding dresses and what temple she wants to be sealed in… a little fast even for my liking, but I’m glad she’s thinking ahead I guess??  LOL… she’s a nut.

Rhine lives at home but is rarely here. 

Jess and Rand are doing great – both preggos.  Has Jess ever officially admitted she’s pregnant to you?  Mom and the girls are planning a girl’s weekend at the San Marcos outlet mall (between Austin and San Antonio).  Mom has already paid for the hotel so it’s a done deal… early August I think.

So that’s mostly our stuff.  Nothing too new.  How is my son?  Anything new and exciting?  I just heard yesterday that Austin is now in a different mission.  He was in Monterey Mexico, now he’s somewhere 6,000 feet above sea level… so much cooler.  Punk!  What’s with you kids!!??  Seriously.  Sweat a little will ya?  LOL… I know it’s like 250 degrees where you are now… I know it’s hecka-hot, and I’m really glad you don’t have to bike in that weather, but I am glad you get to experience it. 

New mission president update?  How are things going?  Any changes to your mission?  How are you and the comp getting’ along?  What awesome spiritual experiences have you had this last week? 

I love you buddy.  I’m really proud of what you’re doing.  We’re getting close on time I can tell… a week doesn’t pass by at church anymore when people aren’t asking when you’ll be home.  Everyone is gettin’ a little jazzed.

Nada Nada Limonada!

Katie's a rockstar!! I'm glad to hear all of that! She keeps asking me what I think of Jace and all that stuff but, I cant really remember him all that well. When I last saw him or interacted with him he was still better than most other guys she's dated. Good for her for going to the Singles branch! That's still dumb to hear... "Singles Branch." Out here there are Singles WARDS! It's gonna be crazy to go there and it be so small. Ugh! But, I'll figure it out somehow. Anyway, YSA and Institute! That's awesome!! Especially if it's something she likes. Good for her. She  will do awesome things with the knowledge she gains. 

Jessica has let me in on the secret! She let me know a couple weeks ago and I didnt have a whole lot of time to respond to it so I just got around to it. Their little girly trip will be fun. We'll have to find a man trip to counteract... we'll go race cars and jump out of planes right after we've killed something (*Home Improvement (Tim) laugh*).

I'm doing great. No complaints. Pres. Toone is awesome. He hasnt made any changes yet but we'll see what happens in a week when Transfers come. That'll be a big game changer. We've had a lot of rain this past week which has been good cause it drops the temp a few degrees but it also brings the humidity in. Which, to a point is nice but man... I feel like I've gotten a glimpse at what it would be like to serve in Texas!! Yipes! Although we did have a pretty awesome night the other night. We had a whole bunch of stuff to do during the day so we werent able to get our 20 OYMS (*Open Your Mouth's) per day we are supposed to get. So we were just that more determined to go out and get them. Well we werent able to start that until about 8:00pm. At this time it is POURING rain and there is barely anybody out. We decided to try and contact this one investigator we havent been able to get a hold of in a week. So we go knock on his door, while getting soaked and no one answers. We see one person running to their door and we stop them and talk. They werent interested but we were in a position to see more people. So we walked over to them and talked. Not interested again. This continued to happen the whole rest of the night. It's like people in Arizona didnt know what rain was so they were all outside just watching it happen! We ended up with 26 OYMs that night. It was great!! We had a couple people tell us to come back, I'm pretty sure just because of our determination and dedication to being out in the rain like that! It was awesome. We even taught a guy in the rain! It was so dramatic =P We opened up the Book of Mormon and it started to get a little wet as we read the passages and left it with him afterwards. He started out not believing in God too much because of his two children passing away so young. He left saying he would check out our church to see if he could find God again. It was way sweet. But yeah... That's about everything!!

Love ya!! Miss ya!! 

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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