Tuesday, September 10, 2013

His Last Transfer

Hey Family!! We just got transfer calls and I'm staying here! This will be my last area for sure!
It's crazy how everything is now being put into perspective. When things are limited they have a greater value. I've definitely learned that. This life isn't one to mess around in. It may seem like a long time but if you put it in perspective, it's not long at all. We have a lot to do and can be great instruments in God's hands in this short, temporary, mortal probation. It's an amazing thing to think about. I think of a rock being thrown into a pond or lake. It hits the water's surface for a split second and then disappears as it sinks to the bottom but, the ripple it creates last for a few seconds longer. The actions we take today and during our life can/will last for many years after we have left this earth. Study the scriptures, Pray to our Father in Heaven and Attend church meetings. As we do these things we will grow closer to God and become more disciplined Disciples of Christ. Look at the effect He and His followers had. We can do the same, even in today's world.
I love you and will see you soon!

~Elder Daniel Peterson

4801 E. Euclid Dr. #2
Phoenix AZ. 85044

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