Wednesday, August 28, 2013

To See Through His Eyes

After BEGGING Daniel to give me an update (I must have asked about 50 times!) he finally caved and sent me this...

LOL I'm sorry!! I always feel like the things I send are so redundant. But, if you wanna know.

This week has been awesome!!! HAHAHA!! School just got back in and that means all of the dorms, which we cover, are filled. We taught more than I have ever taught before and we picked up 11 new investigators this week! 1 from Canada, a few from Spain and a couple more from the Marshal Islands! It's so sick. Meeting people from all over the world and them having a desire to learn about God. It's amazing.

There have also been a lot of humbling experiences too though. The countdown keeps getting smaller and smaller and faster and faster. It's insane. I'm having to deal with things I haven't had to in the past which is good but hard. I feel like now is a time I am going to really be put to the test with a few things. BUT, The Lord promises that all of these experiences will be for our good. To help us down the road as we reflect upon these experiences and learn something from them. There are so many wonderful people I have come to know and love that I LOVE to work with. There are also those, in the same category, that I hate to see struggle. It kills me to see some things happen. But, the amazing thing about it all... The Atonement is real. I'm gaining such a strong testimony of that. I've testified of it all my mission and have learned about it as long as I can remember. But, now is the time that I am truly gaining a testimony of it. To see as He sees, to feel as He feels. To really see God's children through His eyes. It's an amazing things to realize, just how much He loves each and every one of us and is so very aware of our individual situations. I feel I have had to learn a lot of things on my own, through personal trial and error. But I also feel I do pretty well, better now than before, of learning through others experiences. I love my mission, I truly do. I love every aspect of the work. It's not just missionary work, that excludes others from being a part of it. It is the work of salvation. Everyone has their role and we are all important.

I'm excited to get home and see what happens in life. I am SUPER excited to be able to see all of you again. I am excited to be able to perform this work of salvation in a new capacity. It never stops. That's how I have to look at things.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

4801 E. Euclid Dr. #2
Phoenix AZ. 85044

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