Tuesday, August 6, 2013

His Time in Chandler

Hey Randi!!

So... Questionnaire time!!

1) How Many Comps? 1! Elder O'Toole!
2) How Many Baptisms? 3 (with a 4th on the 24th. Dont know if you wanna count that one yet.)
                                     ~ Jeremy T. - June 22nd
                                     ~ Eva D. - July 31st
                                     ~ Sydney S. - August 3rd
                                     ~ Kelsey K. - August 24th (Planning on it!!)
3) Favorite People? Sydney, Eva, Bro. Perez (Cooper 1st WML), Bro. Beckstrand (Cooper 2nd WML).
4) Food: Interesting - Foods were boring. Kalamari
             Best - Either the $20 All-you-can-eat sushi buffet or Famous Daves Man-Handler Sandwich
             Worst - Costco burger. It was massive, super salty and seasoning definitely wasn't the best. I need a good burger when I get home Mom!!
5) Favorite P-Day? Going golfing in shorts and a T-shirt when it was 104 and it felt like it was 85 cause we weren't in shirts and ties. Wonderful!!
6) Never Forget? We walked tons!! Our apartment was awesome, because of the people living with us, and I was with O'toole for 6 months!!
7) One Thing Learned? Sustain your leaders!! Priesthood Keys!! Everything we are taught must be understood before we take action. There is power with knowledge and as we sustain those that have given us rules or commandments, we will see power come into our lives. D&C 82:10
8) One Sentence Summary? We have all been given a "Talent". Go amongst the "exchangers" and use that  talent to show The Lord we are not going to bury it until the day of judgement and expect a reward. (Matt. 25:14-29)

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