Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School

So this past week was pretty legit. All the freshman just moved in so our area just picked up a lot of members and non-members. We had 4 people show up to church yesterday and we have a lesson set up with all of them. We are actually gonna be throwing a "back to school" party at the institute to invite everyone on campus to come and get to know everyone at the institute, students and all that jazz. It's gonna be sick. It's called Cowboys and Angels! We came up with the idea this past friday and we've been working on it and spreading the word since. Totally country themed. We talked with Pres. Toone about it and he's excited for it and everyone in our ward that we've told so far is stoked. They cant come unless they bring a non-member. We are working through the LDSSA to get it all advertised and whatnot. We are super pumped for it all.
We also just had a Mission Tour on Thursday. We had Elder Craig A. Cardon come down and give us a big training. It was good! He talked a lot about working more closely with the members and trained on a few things pertaining to investigators. Having been out for this long I feel like every training given, regardless of who it's by, is always the same stuff. Like, it's good! cause it reminds us of what we should be doing but I feel like there isnt a whole lot of NEW things being introduced. I realized, about 2 or 3 months ago, that I LOVE to LEARN! It's crazy! I never would thought the day would come! Hahaha! So, I'm always looking for something new to enlighten me. But, it was good. Always a great experience to be in the same room as a general authority giving some sort of insights.
That's pretty much the low down on this week. The mission is still great, the work is still true and I still love you! I miss you!!

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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