Tuesday, October 23, 2012

August 6, 2012

Papa P!

How is it going my brother? What is it that you might be up to these days? How is it hanging? The surf is swell over here in my country! The sailing is smooth & the birds are a-singing! LOL! Man I crack me up with how white I can act. We all know I'm not though :p

But seriously, how is everything? How are things with work? I hope I don't keep asking that question...

So, I told everyone a little about my companion in my e-mail at the end of July but I didn't really have any stories to give! Now I have a couple one of them will be sent in an e-mail though. But, first story (kinda-sorta-not-really). **I think I will send Daniel a grammar book in his next care package.**We rode our bikes in the rain & got drenched! It was right after a baptism too. So we get on our bikes for the end of the night to ride home & because we live 3 miles outside of our area we have our suits and things at the church when we need them so we aren't going back and forth. Well we stop by the church to pick up our suits & as soon as we get back out it starts pouring rain. So we got to ride 3 miles in oodles of rain!

Second story. we cover a singles ward & because of that we have dinners over there at their houses sometimes. Well, we went to a dinner one night & we met a girl who has won on the Price is Right! How cool is that!? Hah, she told us how she won some trip to some country over by Greece & golf clubs & some other things I can't remember. It was pretty legit. But, those are really the only two stories I have for right now. Oh! Just an FYI kind of thing... Do you remember my second companion, Elder Carroll? I saw him at transfer meeting & he got called to be a Zone Leader! I was just super excited to see him there:p

But as far as the work goes back in Tempe! Things are moving along. It seems like we kind of carry the wards here though. They don't really do a whole lot, as for the missionary efforts, to help us out. One ward mission leader (WML) doesn't do a whole lot but talks a whole lot. The other WML only wants us to work with less-actives. That's the ward's job, for the most part. I don't mind working with two or three because the ward can't get in there but when you want us working with 10 LA's & you aren't doing anything to help us find new investigators... don't think so paco.

Well, I love you Dad. I hope all is well & that you are doing well. I miss you!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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