Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October Conference 2012

Hey Familia!

So, this past week has been pretty good to us. We picked up a few new ivestigators, taught some really crazy people and met a girl who has been on American Idol and is going to try out again when it comes time. BUT! What I really want to talk about, obviously, pertains to some of the things that impressed me most about General Conference. I will have to apologize because it isnt going to be near as elaborate as I would like it to be. I left my notes at home =P Whoops!

Anyway, every session of conference was awesome. Saturday Morning it was announced that men, after having graduated high school and are 18 can now serve. That's awesome!! But, to continue on with impressive statements, women can now serve at 19!!! Both statements gave me huge chills! I got SUPER excited to hear about all of this. Katie, you can serve a mission in less than a year!! =D Hahaha, but seriously, if you really wanted to you could =P. But, this means that one, there will be a rapid increase in the number of missionaries currently serving all over the world. Two, there is MUCH less time for Satan to work on these young men and women. For him to cause their lives to go a different path or to simply dissuade them from their righteous desires. Third, it will cause a more righteous generation to be formed and cultivated. It shows that Heavenly Father is bringing forth a more righteous people to help His work progress. It can also be seen as a warning; as a sign of the times and how careful we truly need to be in one, keeping ourselves worthy, and two raising our children in a righteous way of living. How great is our calling in this day and age.

There are always a few talks that stand out during conference. One of those is without fail Elder Holland's. He testifies of the Savior and His divinity and His example set in mortality so boldly and so powerfully that the Spirit is undoubtedly going to be present, wherever you are watching. It is always our job to invite Him into our hearts to teach us and to testify to us. But, Elder Holland talked mostly about Peter's relationship with Christ. The question was posed, "Do you love me?" 3 different times. It is a question we should all repeatedly ask ourselves.  When Elder Holland talked about his ideas on how the conversation between Peter and Christ took palce is when I felt myself asking many questions. "Have I slackened on how often I testify of my Savior? Can I honestly tell myself AND Christ, that I have continued to fulfill my sacred calling, here in mortality, as one of His disciples?" Those are only a couple but, I reflected a lot on my current service as a missionary and my previous service as a member of a ward in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We should look at where we were and where we are now. If we can honestly tell ourselves that we have progressed in our love towards Christ than we are in good shape. But if we can think of a time where our testimony has been stronger or our conviction has been more firm in Christ and His teachings, there must be more that we can do to reach and exceed that point in which we have previously been.

Elder Bednar also gave a wonderful talk. I wish I had time to go into more detail about it but, I would suggest everyone go and read that talk or listen to it on lds.org. I would like, to point out one last thing before I close.

The entire conference, both Saturday and Sunday sessions seemed to be geared to those that are not yet members of Christ's restored church. Most of the scriptures that were referenced were taken from the Bible. Most of the topics that were discussed were things that non-members have questions about. Their problems they face in life, their challenges and concerns were talked about in this General Cnference. Listen to the words of our Prophet and Apostles. Listen to the issues our co-workers and friends bring up. Listen to the Spirit of Revelation and heed His promptings. Listen to the words of the prophets of old and compare them side by side with the wisdom and council that is provided by todays prophets and apostles and you will see that Christ and his teachings are within everything they talk about.

I wish I had time to write more and to speak with everyone on this past conference. I love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that He is the Light and Lige of this world. That He atoned for each of us and that he has risen. He taught each of us through His ultimate example. I know that His church has been restored on this earth again, never to be taken off the face thereof. I know that through the prophet Joseph Smith the authority to perform sacred ordinances such as baptism, temple sealings, sacraments and blessings for the betterment of God's children has been restored after it was lost for centuries. I write to all of you in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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