Monday, May 28, 2012

Catching Up- January 9, 2012

We've gotten a little behind on this whole blogging thing so these next few (and by "few" I mean a lot!) posts will be catching everyone up! Ready? Ok, here we go!

Hey Mom!

Sorry I missed last week. Elder Carroll is awesome but now I feel obligated to follow certain rules. : p Like, I am not supposed to write letters except on P-days, which I didn't realize. I would always just write them whenever I had the time to do it. Now, I don't really have that time anymore. Which is great because this is how I expected missionary life to be; going, going, going all the time. So, again, sorry for not writing last week, but I am doing great. The work is finally picking up out here.

So, a little bit about Elder Carroll:
He played soccer for his community college up in **, where he's from. He has been out for 9 months. The time he has with me right now is his first time training and his first time as a DL (district leader). He is funny, super nice, but serious when he needs to be. He is a great Elder to have as a companion and would be a great friend outside of the mission as well.

These past two weeks were ok. Nothing exciting happened, except for me getting a new companion. We had presidents interviews with President Howes this past Wednesday. That went well... except for him telling me that never has he seen straight zero's come from an area before. I don't really like to talk about it because it gets me angry because there wasn't a whole lot I had control over. But this past week, ONE WEEK, with Elder Carroll as my companion and we had an average of 300% increase on all of our "key indicators". We had 5 lessons instead of 0. We now have 3 progressing investigators instead of 0. We also have 1 new investigator which hadn't happened nearly the entire 6 weeks before-hand. It amazes me at the difference you will see between two people. There are other factors that played into that, as I talked about in my email, but the person makes all the difference.

So now, things are going great! I love you Mom, I hope all is going well back home with you and everyone else. Do a temple session for me, I want to go so bad! Don't let Satan prevent you from going. I love you, take care.

Elder Peterson, YMS

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