Wednesday, May 30, 2012

January 25, 2012

**This post has been edited a bit to keep a few private things... well, private!
Hey Mom!

Thank you so much for the letter. I think I already sent a response to this but I'm sorry to have worried you. I was fine, I was just having a hard time getting along with *my companion*. I had never questioned my being out here. My experience with him taught me that I can't always "advise" people to change. Sometimes I have to adapt to them.

Thanks for sending the package though. I had no idea how much I was missing music! OH! and we now have a keyboard in our apartment! Doesn't mean I always have time to play but we have one! Although, it isn't a full keyboard...pft! Worthless... ; p Joke! But yeah there is a lot of good stuff on the iPod. There is also some ummm..."P-day songs" on here. Haha, thanks for it though!

So this morning we got to go to the temple again. It was good. I don't know if you remember my last experience I wrote about but, it wasn't like that this time. Last time I cried in the middle of my prayer cause I received such a strong impression from The Holy Ghost. This time I prayed for a few different things so, I don't think I could have had that same kind of manifestation. But it was still a good session. Always is. I still wish we could go more often.

Sorry for not sending more pictures. We just have been busy so we don't have a whole lot of picture opportunity. Now, I know you are thinking "Quit making excuses!" But, I really haven't had much opportunity to do so. And there isn't a whole lot to take pictures of around here. But, I will try better, I promise. Oh, and tell Dad I found the videos and pictures he put on there. (On the iPod) That was a nice surprise.

Well, I am doing well. I have no complaints other than about things that don't matter because I don't have control over them. Like my writing... HORRIBLE! Haha, I know you think I write like a 5 year old so I had to make a comment about it. But, I miss you, I love you. Keep yourself busy and occupied and SAFE! Watch over Kates for me would ya? I know you will...**... I love you Mom.

~ Elder Daniel Peterson YMS

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