Tuesday, May 29, 2012

January 16, 2012

Hey Family!

So this past week has been crazy awesome. We picked up 8 new investigators, taught 11 lessons and had 7 investigators at church on Sunday. We went from nothing to that in one week! How is any of that because of us? It's not! The Lord has prepared the people and has prepared a way for us to find them. It is incredible the things we have been a part of this last week.

This one lady, we know her as "anti-lady", stops us every time she sees us to talk with us and tries to tell us what we preach. According to her we believe that God came down to Earth and conceived Christ with Mary. What?! She's crazy. Well, this week we got a lesson out of it! Her and her friend were in a car and passed us, stopped us and she tried to do the same thing. Her friend tried to join in but as we taught she started to ask some genuine questions! The Anti-lady zoned out cause she couldn't argue with any of our teachings. When we did say something that she would normally "anti" us with, she would snap her head over toward us super quick and her eyes would get all big. We would keep talking and I guess we would refute her statement before it was ever said. So she zoned out again. So her friend would keep asking questions and at the end they asked if they could pray with us. We all held hands and she said "O Lord Jesus" every 2 seconds and Anti-Lady would say "Yes Lord" every time she agreed with something that was said. Weird! but hey, it counted as a lesson for us and we turned a bad situation into a good better one. Then we OYMed (Open Your Mouth) a guy as he was walking to work and rolling his joint. That was a different experience.

So this weeks thought is kind of a weird/different one. We get calls from Sister missionaries about once every 2 weeks to give a blessing. Well this time is was a blessing for a lady as well as on her house. Her young boy kept telling her that someone would just watch her through her window, but he couldn't ever describe this guy. So, we get to her house in a town called Guadalupe; the ghetto of where we are. The house is super small and super packed. We walk in, talk a little bit about how things will work and then ask her in which order she would like the blessings and by whom. She didn't have a preference on who so Elder Carroll volunteered me for the first blessing. At the time we didn't know which was first... turns out she wanted the blessing on the house first. New experience for me, right? What an experience it was! We knelt down to pray and you could already feel something. I started, "Our dear, kind and gracious Heavenly Father, we kneel before thee to ask a blessing upon this house that these grounds may be consecrated..." At that exact moment it felt as though 1,000 needles had been pricked into me. Elder Carroll later said he felt a depression come over him. At the end of the prayer all ungodly feelings ceased. The Spirit filled the room in such a profound manner. It made it a perfect environment to give a comfort blessing.

Prior to this experience I had never really believed in "evil spirits" having a temporal effect on our lives. But now I know that the power of the priesthood and the authority that comes with it is most assuredly the authority of God the Eternal Father.

Again, it is a weird story to tell and use as a spiritual experience, but it was something that affected me. Not in any sort of negative way but it let me become more aware of just how much Satan has a hand in this world. So please, do all you can to stay away from his influences. Read from the Book of Mormon every day. Read over the words of our modern day prophets and their apostles. Strengthen your testimony each and every day. Look for those missionary moments and try to have the Charity of Christ with you at all times. I say these things lovingly, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

~ Elder Peterson

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