Wednesday, May 30, 2012

January 19, 2012- Two in One

**Again, a little bit of editing took place here. Sorry!

Hey Mom,

Everything it going great! We just got in for lunch and we have probably already ridden about 20 - 25 miles. Good stuff. But yeah, everything is good. Sorry to make you worry.

That's too bad to hear about Katie and Lanson. Is there still a chance I could write to him? Now will definitely be a hard time for him, especially since he is struggling with religion. I hope Katie is doing okay though. Dad told me she keeps talking about some Clayton kid? I don't know him and I haven't ever heard of any other Clayton besides the ones you know as well. Who knows...

So the family is reading huh? That's awesome! I'm glad me going on a mission hasn't gone to waste, as far as blessings for the family goes anyway. : P

Good for Ryan! Just the fact that he opened it is great! Great power comes from simply opening the cover of the Book of Mormon.

But, yes you were correct about the "I know" Daniel coming out. It's because it was like he was trying to tell me how to walk. "I've been doing these things for a while now." It was like he was telling me how to feel. It was just weird and unproductive. But it was a hard six weeks. Now it's good though, so no worries! The only thing you should worry about is if I will have enough money for new inner-tubes and patches all the time, haha. I have had 3 flat tires so far and on of them I got a flat with slime in my tire, which is supposed to clog the hole. Nope! The whole was too big this time. Stupid cactus needles. Other than that I'm all good. And don't really worry about that haha, there is a member here who is awesome about that kind of stuff.

I love you mom and the sacrifice you have made and are currently making for me. You have done more for me than I can even remember. But the main attributes of Christ that are a part of my personality are and can be attributed to you. There are many memories I have that I can share where I learned something from you. Thank you for raising me the way you did  so that I am able to make decisions with that thought in mind, "what would Jesus do?" My answer, as you taught me when I was 9 or 10, is "Choose the Right". Thank you for everything.

~ Elder Peterson, YMS

Hey Pa!

Thanks for the novel? I don't know if it was a short story or a novel orrr... who knows. But thanks for it! And thanks for sending all of this. It seems to be that everything I listen to, as far as talks go, have been on the 13th article of faith. So I still have all of those talks to listen to. Oh! and thanks for the family update. That was great to hear.

*...*So Chelci had to have an endoscopic surgery? That's Crazy! Yes, you did use it correctly, congratulations. But, Chelci had a bad experience in Gospel Essentials? What happened? Sister Weinberg will do a great job with that calling I'm sure.

It's been great to hear that Ryan is even opening the Book of Mormon. Speaking of, I have written him a couple times, has he gotten those letters? I know he won't respond but has he gotten those? *I hope him and Jordan are becoming close friends again.* (Sorry my handwriting just got crappier.)

Katie will be good after a couple weeks or so. She is a tough girl, smart as well. But, now is the time that she needs an arm around her most. She will go looking for someone to fill that void whether she wants to admit that's what she's doing or not. But you know Kates. She's your daughter. I just worry about her; sometimes more then I should. Ah, well. *...*

Thanks for the message Pa. It did help and I will definitely take all of that to heart. There was a lot of great things in there. Thank you for always bringing me back to the foundation of things. I love you and miss you.

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

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