Saturday, November 26, 2011

26 November 2011

hey family!  We have atypewriter here  in the apartment!

We have actually had it the entire time I have been here but I have been too scared to use it!  Although, mom and dad, it isnt an old one, its electric but, as you can see from the wonderful spacing issues I am having I am still trying to figure this whole thing out.  I had it set up pretty well at first and then I went and messed it up!  Anyway, I just sent you guys a letter and I just wanted to give this ting a try.  It is pretty fun but it also pretty loud.  So I dont think I would be @@@@ able to use it at night anyway since that is the time that we are supposed to be quieting down.  I think the Elder that left this here is comingto pick it up tomorrow.  Oh wait!  He is actualy coming to pick it up on Tuesday.  But, while I have this thingI just wanted to give you an idea of something that you might be able to get me for christmas!  I don't know if you can even ship it here or anything but, there is this sclae, yes a scale, that is in a Bed Bath and Beyond magazine that we got today.  It can tell you your weight, muscle mass, fat percentage, water wight (main i wish there was a backspace on this thing) - (Parental insert... absolutely hilarious!  The boy is using an electric typewriter and he thinks it doesn't have a backspace!!  LOL!!!) bone mass and water consumption!  I have absolutely no idea how the heck it does it but shoot, if it actually works, which it better, that would be an awesome present.  Never in the past 7 or 8 years of my life have I really asked for anything for Christmas nor have I ever had an idea of waht I realy wanted.  But, now I do!  I want it because every morning we work out and I think it would be great to know if I am making any progress in losing bofy fat and gaining muscle mass.  Not only will I be able to see the results through my PECtacular body but I will also, by looking athis wonderful scale, be albe to see the result through the numbers presented below me.  How great right??!!  Man, I tshould be a salesman or something...
     Anyway, I love you all and just want you to know that I am thinking about you(r money) and am keeping you all in my thoughts.  Hope to hear from you soon!

     *Elder Peterson

P.S.  The name of the scale or maker is Beurer Body Analysis Scale.

Love you!!!

(Parental insert... I checked the reviews on the scale he's talking about... oh boy!

  • 1 Star - Inconsistent
  • 1 Star - Errors all the time
  • 1 Star - Stopped working the same day I bought it
  • 5 Stars - Great scale
How do I tell him the only thing he's ever asked for in 7-8 years is a piece o' junk??)

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