Monday, November 7, 2011

A Few Pictures and an Update from Daniel at the MTC

Well, Daniel has been at the MTC for 2 full weeks this Wednesday.  It seems a lot longer than that!  He leaves the MTC one week from tomorrow on the 15th.  He prefers everyone write to him via while he's in the MTC.  There's a drop-down box that says "Select a Mission".  Make sure you select "Provo MTC - Free", then click "Write a Letter".  His MTC box number is 215 and his MTC departure date is 11/15/2011... you don't need his mission code.  Apparently he can only read email once a week, but prints out whatever you type and he gets a physical letter within 24 hours every weekday... only 1 week left though.  After that it's snail-mail - whether you use or not.  

Daniel entered the MTC on October 26th, 2011.  Here's a picture of his shiny new missionary name tag with the bright orange "dork dot" indicating that he has that deer in the headlights look for a reason... 

Here's a picture of his new group of friends, studying and learning how to most effectively serve the Lord... where's Daniel?

Suffice it say he's adapting well.

Two days after he arrived at the MTC Daniel receives this little letter... 

"Dear Elder Peterson:

Congratulations on your call to serve as a District Leader.  We appreciate your willingness to help and bless the other missionaries in your district.  Through your example of Christ-like living and appropriate missionary behavior you will become an inspiration and role model for those you lead.

Your support and encouragement of the other missionaries will be a blessing to them.  We encourage you to seek the Lord's spirit in your stewardship.  It will guide you to those who may need your assistance and love, and will inspire you in how to lift and strengthen them.

You have been called through inspiration.  You will be blessed as you follow the counsel and direction of your Branch Presidency.  You should share your concerns with them, and seek their counsel in providing assistance to those you serve.

May the Lord bless you in this assignment and throughout your mission.

Gordon D. Brown

He's convinced the family has somehow cursed him with this calling but in reality he's loving the responsibility and opportunity to serve.  Below is a short excerpt from Daniel's most recent letter... the boy cracks me up!

"Here is my daily routine at the MTC.  Wake up time is 6:30am but I wake at 6:00am to beat everyone to the showers.  The first 3 days my showers were pure cold water - no hot whatsoever.  I found out after the 3rd day that I was using the shower that no one else used... hmmm, why don't they use this shower?  Oh yeah... because this shower doesn't have HOT WATER!!!.  After showers we get dressed (shirt & tie) and go to breakfast.  The food, speaking of, is alright.  I haven't tried the Mighty Marshmallows because it's exactly like Lucky Charms (Daniel hates Lucky Charms).  After breakfast we have personal study time, classroom instruction, lunch (still just Okay), more classroom instruction, teaching investigators, dinner, personal study, companion study, more teaching, go to our residence, companion study, quiet time, and then lights out at 10:30!  Although, on Wednesdays and Sundays there is an all-you-can-eat Ice Cream Bar!!  I have eaten and (drinken?... no son, "drank") so much dairy it's ridiculous!  They might start making me milk my own cow! 

I have already played the piano for our zone Priesthood meeting and boy was it good to play again!

I love all of you.  Please pray for those in need of care.  Watch over each other and remember the Lord in all that you do.  I love you.

Elder Peterson"   

Daniel shared a few examples of how the Lord has touched his life and strengthened his testimony of prayer.  He knows the Lord knows each of us individually - our wants, our needs, and righteous desires and blesses us according to His will.

We shipped Daniel's bike and a box full of bedding and other odds and ends he'll need late last week.  The mission home called today asking if this was done... I'm guessing we're a little late if they're having to call.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything arrives in time!

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