Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Area Question Catch-up

Hey Randi!!
Look! we got a typewriter! But, I only get to use it for about...well, today =P The whole transfer thing is messing this one up for me, haha. But I get to us *use* it now which is great for answering all of those questions you wanted me to answer. So, Here are the questions for both areas.
From Tempe!
How many Comps? 2
Who were they? Elder O'Tool and Smith
How many baptisms, who and when???
     *Last names will be left out for privacy*
     Jeff- 18 Aug. 2012
     Kasandra (Kassy)- 27 Oct. 2012
     Jodi- 3 Nov. 2012
Who were fav. contact(s)/members?
     Jones Family (Grandview Ward)
     Griffin & Letcher (Alameda Ward)
     Can't remember but it's on a planner TH... (Alameda Ward) *?? We'll have to get Daniel to clarify this when he gets home. ??*
Interesting: Crab legs (I know... but it was "the most interesting")
Best: MAtheson's Pork roast
     (Put them on the list of contacts too)
Worst: COrned Beef Hash and Spam (THank you Elder Smith...)
Favorite P-Day Memory: Smith and Neiderhauser wrestling
SOmething Never Forgotten: Drunk people and a shooting
     And Elder SMith
One Thing Learned: Patience, Love and setting a good Example
Summary: Craziest people, nicest members and poorest area make for a great experience and a lot of mission stories.
From Gilbert!
COmps and Who? 1, Elder Derbidge
Baptisms? technically one, Hadil, but a couple more coming up... Michele and Brea.
     Hadil- Jan. 5 2013
     Michele- Jan 10 2013
     Brea- whenever things get fixed with her hubby
Contacts/Members: Bro. Irizarry, Bro. Wilcock, Bro. Biggs, Bishop Clark
Interesting: homemade pizza (dough and all)
Best: Bro. Dalton and Wife's Tacos
Worst: PHan's food, simply because of the amount we had to eat. it was good and I never had a bad meal but I wasn't hungry for 3 days afterwards...
Favorite P-Day: New Years Eve watching Lion King
Never Forget: Friggin Loaded!!!
Summary: The area is awesome, the members are awesome and the investigators go through heck when they try to enter into the convenant of baptism.
Here ya Go Randi!! Hopefully this is everything you wanted, LOve ya!! BYE!!!
~Elder Peterson

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