Tuesday, February 5, 2013

January Update

Hey Randi!
Things are going well! No complaints other than Elder German being super trunky : P *Trunky is a term missionaries use when they are feeling homesick* He always reminds us of how many days he has left. But it's good! But to answer your first couple of questions... The difference between a District & a Zone is the same as the difference between a Ward & a Stake. *Like a city v.s. a state. There are lots of cities/wards/districts in a state/stake/zone* Difference between normal missionary & Zone leader? Lots of Administrative stuff. Sunday nights are filled with paperwork. We keep stats, record of who was baptized  whose on date for baptism who fell off & why, who the DL's went on exchanges with & other stuff. Besides Sundays we have other meetings we attend like with Pres. Howes or with Stake Presidents. We do baptismal interviews & go on exchanges with people in the zone to get a feel for how things are going & if there's anything we can do. There's kind of a lot, but it's not too overwhelming since it's kinda spread out. As for Elder Carroll, he goes home toward the end of March. He is an Assistant to the President (AP) & will be till he goes home. So, all of his mail just gets sent to the mission office. He will be super stoked to get any sort of mail. He always asks me when Katie is going to send a letter his way. I keep telling her to but she never does. Though, from the sound of it, she needs to!*Katie- GET ON IT GIRLY!!* Help her get her priorities straightened out and lose some of those needy friends.
*Some personal content was omitted here*
Katie has always kind of put her friends above family. I think it's cause she knows we will always be there for her & she wants to keep her friends close. But I don't know for sure.

     Side Note! *He litterally wrote this sideways on the paper- dork!*
You don't have to stop your letters when you get to 2 pages! Ha ha!

But yeah, things are good. We are only teaching 3 people but these 3 are pretty solid! Sara works for Chick-fil-a & is the person that opens up new stores all over the place. She's interested & has a sincere desire to follow Christ as best she knows how. Kaitlyn is a cross-fit trainer/waitress at P.F. Changs & has been exposed to the church her whole like cause of family & friends & likes all of it. She is going to invite her boyfriend to meet with us cause she sees him as a "Dry Mormon". It's kind of funny but she is way solid too. Anthony is looking for a new job but currently works at a college. He had LDS co-workers & wants to learn it all. He is super interested & doesn't want to do anything contrary to God's commandments. Once again... Solid. So that's everything going on in my life. Oh! So, remember how I said I was writing Jovanna? Well I have yet to get anything in response to that so I don't know if she got it. Also, Stephanie started to write me. Haha, so yeah, that's all!
I love you Randi! Thanks for being so awesome! Love you! Miss ya!
~Elder Daniel Peterson
P.S.- Here's the mission home for Elder Carroll if you didn't already have it:
1871 E. Del Rio
Tempe AZ 85282

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