Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Transfers and Callings

Hey Kids! I'm getting transferred again! Normally the pattern is about every 4 months, or every 3 transfers, I will get transferred but that doesnt seem like the case this time! I was called last night to serve as a Zone Leader. I dont know where I am going yet but, I will let everyone know as soon as I can. Love you all!!

Hey Randi!
Dont send those letters or anything yet. I am getting transferred again! Hahaha, I was just called to be a Zone Leader last night so, I will be moving and getting a new companion! But, yeah, that's everything thats going on in my life right now. I packed up a box of htings to send home this transfer but, I will be sending home another box of stuff, mainly clothes, that I wont be needing for the rest of my mission. That's so weird to type/think about!!! But, it will free up a lot of space in my luggage, so it will be nice to get it all home. As for the questions that I never answered, I do still have them in a letter that yo usent me a while ago and I will definitely answer them today. I will answer them for both areas now! I wil get that in the mail to you later today after I'm done packing. We get transferred tomorrow and figure everything out then so, I will let you know asap where I will be going. I will more than likely stay in Gilbert though and just serve here. Elder Carroll went AP, totally saw that coming, and so I might just take his place. But, we will see what happens. There are 5 other spots for a ZL to go that opened up this transfer cause of people going home. Anyway, I love you Rand! I miss ya!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

*AP stands for Assistant to the President.*

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