Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Hey Everyone! I'm on! And thanks for the letters this past week, they were great!

Yes I got all the letters and the package. Thank you for that! First off... those little mint ball things?!?! FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!! Haha, those were awesome!!! Definitely a game winner and keeper. When I opened up the saran wrap on em I smelled Thin Mints. I thought, "She crushed up a whole bunch of Thin Mints and made something out of them." Than I took a bite and fell in love. A perfect 10 in my book! 

Anyway, this week was alright. A little slower than usual. We only had about 5 lessons.... We went on a few exchanges this week and got some things done. We recognized a few issues that need to be taken care of as far as what people study. The seriousness of the time that we have to receive revelation in the mornings is being taken too lightly with a few missionaries. This upcoming Zone Meeting we are going to touch on those things a little bit and then take the necessary actions the next day to see if it is being applied at all. At that point we will make any corrections needed. But, other than that things are going alright. My companion is super trunky and just ready to get home. It's kind of killing me. If we are in a lesson he is alright but, other than that it's just about all that is on his mind. I know we just need to get out and work and that will help but it only seems to help for a little bit. Ah well. Part of the mission experience right?? Haha, it's good though. Let's me know how much I really love being out here. 

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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