Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Half Way Questions

Hey Randi!
So, it's been forever since I've written & I never responded to all of your questions for the scrapbook. So! Here you go!

Q1: "What us your favorite scripture? Why?"
A1: Mosiah 4:21. It talks about charity in a different way than most other scriptures. It talks about how we are all dependant upon God. How He gives us everything. So, why should we not do the same to those that ask of us? Whether that be food, clothing, shelter, money, or in my case, as well as any member of the church, The Gospel. We have been so heavily blessed by it; why would we not share it with others?

Q2: "If you were to give future missionaries advice, what would it be?"
A2: Be Obedient! Stay close to the rules and bounds that have been set before you. Just as God tells all of us to "prove me now herewith" about the law of tithing, He will also "open up the windows of heaven" if we are obedient.

Q3: "Who has been your favorite companion so far?"
A3: Elder Caroll. He helped shape me into the missionary I am today. He showed me obedience, he showed me a great work ethic, he showed me how to follow the spirit in everything.

Q4: "What is one thing you have missed the most from home?"
A4: Home. Haha, the family, the ability to be alone & to think when you need to, playing the piano when I want to & other things. So, the things that went on inside the walls of our home.

Q5: "What do you think you will miss the MOST when you leave the mission?"
A5: Being able to dedicate 100% of my time to spreading The Gospel. I have never been tried harder but I have also never been happier.

Q6: "Over the past year have you learned/experienced anything you never expected to?"
A6: I never expected to experience the literal physical exhaustion the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost brings. Joseph Smith felt it time & time again, sometimes fainting because of the spiritual & physical toll it played on his body.

Q7: "What, if any, goals do you have for your last year out?"
A7: Simply put, to fulfill my calling. "To invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel." Whether that be the man/woman at the bus stop, the family that knocks at the church's door for whatever it maybe, the single mother/father, the less-active member, the active member, the Bishop of Stake President, the Elder of Sister, or myself. To invite ALL to come closer to Christ.

Q8: "Who is your favorite sibling?"
A8: Christ.
*Not quite the answer I was looking for, but a hard one to argue with.*

Thank you for all you have done for me. For constantly sending me letters & packages & pictures of the family. For these questions & the time it has given me to reflect on my mission & my own spiritual path. I have one last favor of you to ask. Tell Mom I am sorry for not writing her this week. I feel bad. I need to prioritize better. Also, tell her that my pant size is 34, I checked my white pants. I love you Randi. I miss you & thank you again for everything.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

P.S.- I'm wearing a sweater-vest right now. : P
I might be getting transferred in 2 weeks. So, remember to write to the mission home around then. Or just wait : P!

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