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April 10, 2012

*As I was getting ready to type up this next letter I realized that I haven't put ANY of the letter that Daniel has written to ME in here! Here's what happened- I collected all of the letters that the family had received up to this point and put them in order by date, then started updating as fast as I could. I completely forgot to add my own letters to the pile! I have also neglected to post his e-mails. I know, I'm slacking! So, I will post this letter, and finish out the letters that I have from the family, and then I am going to go back and add the letters and e-mails that I haven't posted yet. So, if you read something that doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I'm sorry! You are certainly welcome to go back through and read posts that I have updated though! Sorry again for all the confusion. Hopefully I'll get done with all of this updating soon and then keeping up with the current e-mails and letters will be much easier, and more organized too!*

Hey Randi & The Blowfish!

So, first off, here are a few pictures that have been taken recently. There are a few others that have been sent to other members of our family. So, get with them to see the rest of them!
*Those will be in the next post so I can give explanations on all of them.*

Secondly, all of your questions I HAVE to answer- So...

In my first area:
Number of companions- 2, Elder Gibbons & Elder Carroll

Number of baptisms- 12!
December 10th- Nannette R.
Feb 11th- Joe & Joanna W. and Latrell D.
Feb 18th- Keisha & Kanosh C. and Haydn P.
March 18th- Grant A.
March 24th- Leo, Rose, Katia, & Nikolaus D.

Favorite Contacts- Zeigler's, Busby's, and Egbert's

Most interesting thing I ate- Frog Legs!
Best thing- Sister Busby's pancake breakfast (Pancakes, Strawberries, Syrup, Whipped Cream, OJ, Fruit Salad, Eggs, and Sausage Patties)
Worst thing- Frog Legs! Haha
Most Expensive *Daniel added this for his own memories*- Christmas Eve at the Cunninghams! (Crab legs, Steak, Ribs, Potatoes & Cheesecake.)

P-Day Memory- Too much of the same thing, but playing soccer with the Spanish Branch!

NEVER Forget- Elder Carroll & our companionship there.

One Sentence Summary- "Crezoosionaries got this place up from 0 TO's to 16 TO's after riding 20 miles every day in one transfer!"

Thing Learned- Patience and Obedience

There ya go! Love ya!

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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