Saturday, June 30, 2012

E-Mail May 7, 2012

Hey Kiddos!
I'm on! And my new companion is Elder Woerner. He and I get along great! We have a lot of fun together. He is getting to be a little like Elder Carroll. Except a little less.... well, idk. We get along great and it will be another awesome transfer. He has been out for 16 months and right now has a broken Elbow. In his last area he let an elder borrow his bike and they broke it and didnt tell Elder Woerner. So he was riding down the street, hit a bump and fell off landing on his right elbow. Sucks, but, he is healing up quick! He played baseball as a pitcher and says he could throw a little over 80. Kind of rediculous but then again, thats about what guys my age should be throwing at. We now live with two other elders. Same address and everything but they moved in with us. We all get along pretty well also. They seem to be slightly more meat-headish than Woerner or myself but, theyre pretty funny most of the time. Anyway, Hope to hear from you all soon!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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