Tuesday, June 5, 2012

February 20, 2012

Hey Kates!
How is everything going? I always ask the same questions so... just answer the usual por favor.

There isn't a whole lot that has changed & I don't know what you want to know either! But, you will get what I give you.

So... I got nothin! I feel like I am just rambling. That's becaus eI am! But, I am determined to write you a letter! This will happen!

Oh! Elder Carroll & I got a chance to play Fruit Ninja the other night! I actually got some video of it : P It's hilarious. We were messing with a Coke can and "demolitionizing" it with a knif. So I threw a Hershey kiss at Carroll. He swung at it in the air while yelling "Fruit Ninja!!" So after that we got out the bananas. He pretty much just chunked 'em at me while I swung the knife in the air. I died laughing, checked the video... It's greatness. You will love the video when I send the card home. It's legit. There are a few videos that are pretty funny.

Anyway, I love you Kates! Hope to hear from you soon!

**I honestly didn't understand what the heck Daniel was doing when he wrote the following. It took me until just this very moment to figure it out!**

~ 31!)3!2

 **That was followed by a smiling guy with a word bubble yelling "wooooooo!!!" ...yep, that's my brother.**


  1. Yea we still have NO idea what he was doing...

    1. It says ~ElDER PETERSON in numbers and symbols... yeah, he's a weirdo. lol!