Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E-mail February 6, 2012

Hey Everyone!

So this last week has been awesome! Some hilarious things have
happened and it is great! I guess first, we had a lesson last night.
We actually ended up having two dinners because of it... oh my HECK I
was about to hurl! I took my last bite of my second dinner and chewed
it for 5 minutes until I could work up the desire just to swallow... I
hate it... hahaha! So anyway, we had a lesson right after the first
dinner. The couple was a friend of a member and they wanted us over to
answer some questions they had about the church! Great right? Well we
call the member family ahead of time in order to get some background
on this couple. Their names are Oliver and Katherine and they are from
Belgium... THEY ONLY SPOKE FRENCH! well, they spoke VERY limited
English. So we kinda taught the first lesson over dinner, without
scriptures (which is never very effective) and then the member asks
them if they wanted to take "the six lessons" we have to teach them.
Katherine looked over at us and with a very puzzled look said, "Sure."
My first thought was, "well we just taught the first discussion, do
they want us to reteach it?" Elder Carroll had the same thought. He
looked at me and then we both started to go into the first lesson.
Katherine is still very confused at this point. She looks back over at
the member and says, in an audible whisper, "They teach us SEX
lessons?" LOL! Everyone started bustin up laughing! So we calrified by
saying "seis" (French for 6... learned that in Elementary gym class ;P
) and everything went on as usual.
The night before we had plans to help this guy, Herman, move. I think
I talked about him last week but, we hadnt heard from him so we gave
him a call. He said, "Who is dis?" "This missionaries" "OH!
Hallelujah, man I was jus fiddin' a call ya! Is this Elder Peterson??"
"Yeah, howd you know?" "You just got that voice! OOO! I'm sayin, Ima
be sittin here on da sofa watchin the T.V. and you gonna be on there.
I'ma be like 'WOO! I know dat boy, I always knew he was gon' be
somethin', he just got that voice!'" Oh my gosh I couldnt stop
laughing. He says it so quick! And if you have ever seen any of the
Madea movies... man I couldnt help but seeing Madea saying that,
throwing her hands in the air and just moving all crazy with
excitement. Haha, so we talk about helping him move and he says that
it will have to wait til next week cause of things going on. We told
him that would be fine and since he had talked about giving us some
sort of payment we told him not to worry about it. Lol, he goes, "Boy
dont you be talkin nonsense. You gonna be lifting boxes out there and
you just gon' throw your hands up and shout 'Man this guy is out here
workin' us like a bunch a Hebrew slaves!'" LOL at that point I just
lost it. Elder Carroll and I were laughing so hard that I couldnt
barely talk to him! Hahahaha.
Oh man, we are having way too much fun out here. Things happen that
are just hysterical! But, for some of the exciting things that will be
coming up here pretty soon.
So, within the next 2 weeks, we have 6 baptisms lined up. This
Saturday we have 3 and the following, the other 3. Well as of right
now, I am getting to confirm one of the people and I was just asked to
perform the baptism for another! I'm gonna get wet! Haha, its awesome.
I'm super excited for everything and I will definitely be sending
those pictures home and everything. Dont worry. Plus a couple other
ones. I told Katie that after today I will be sending a few pictures
home that will make everyone think that I was with Connor out here.
Oh, boy... =D So yeah, that's the update on the exciting things.
For other things going on... We finally had a lesson with Chris, one
of the first people I told you all about. He had a few hangups with
the Godhead and everything but, we were finally able to resolve them.
We picked up 5 new investigators this week. We are now teaching a
person who plays for the other team, a mom and daughter who dont have
a permanent address, and a black guy who thinks I'm gonna be on TV
some day "preachin' The Word." It's all good fun.
But, I need to be going, unfortunately. I will be sending home a
spiritual message in the mail. So... look for it and share it amongst
the family. By the way, who has the Book of Mormon I sent home? Just

I love you all and miss you much! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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