Saturday, June 30, 2012

May 14, 2012 Part 2

Hey Pa!

I feel like I didn't get to talk to you very long on Sunday. Plus, the camera/sound seemed to be all messed up. So, how have things been? Is work any better yet? How about your calling as HPGL *High Priest Group Leader*?

Well, like I said on the phone call home, things have been going kind of slow out here. Not really discouraging at all though. We actually got a call from a member today telling us that we should be getting a call from a lady that wants to be taught. It's kind of a funny story.

So we were at this member's home, the Beecrofts, & he was telling us about this lady & her husband who he had picked up to give a ride to. Well, he is missionary minded & always has a B of M *Book of Mormon* in arms reach. So he gives this couple a ride & hands them a copy as they get out of his truck. They give him a call later asking for a ride, he says sure and during that ride he asks them is they have read from the B of M at all. They said "Yes!" One week later, Brother Vought is closing up his shop & sees these two women walking the street. He feels prompted to talk to them & see where they were headed. They said Wal-Mart & asked for a ride. Well, he was already closing up & getting home so he told them he couldn't. As he was getting into his car he felt prompted again; this time to go toward Wal-Mart & find these two ladies. He saw them only about a quarter of a mile from his shop & told them to get in. They got in and asked about his "man-purse" on the dash. He explained that they were his scriptures & that he was LDS. One of the two then exclaimed, "You people are so nice!" He asked, "How do you mean?" She went on to explain her experience with Brother Beecroft.

Now, 3 days after, she is more then ready to meet with us. The Lord touches the hearts of those we come into contact with each and every day. We just need to live our lives worthy of the spirit so as to be able to follow his promptings.

I love you Dad. I hope all is going well. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

~Elder Daniel Peterson

*One the outside of the envelope Daniel added a quick P.S.*

Could you send my 2 baseball gloves? Not the catcher's mitt though. Thanks! Love ya!

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