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April 23, 2012

Hey Kiddos!

So, this past week has been crazy hectic. We went on like, 3 exchanges over the course of about 3 days! So, I haven't been in my area much this week. With all of that we had 2 baptisms on Saturday! Super awesome. One of them, for Glen, was kewl cause it is something he has wanted for a long time now. The other, James, was awesome cause he came from a super rough background.

Baptism of Glen S*
Glen S*  was at one time a construction worker. He had an accident that should have killed him but rather disabled him with lower back problems. He loves to help people whenever possible. He wants us to feel comfortable in his home to the point where he practically yelled... well, sternly talked to us, to loosen up. Mainly Elder Koons : p. He compared us to Starsky & Hutch. I'm Hutch : p ! But yeah, he was telling us to take off our ties, joke around more, we don't need to be so serious all the time. "I'm Glen! I'm not gunna hurt ya! I'm just Glen!" Haha, I kinda get a kick out of it. He is a great guy though.

James (left) was Baptized by Michael (right) his soon to be Brother-in-law.
James comes from a rough background. He was born in Washington state & moved to Nampa, Idaho with his wife, who is from here. He knows every drug dealer, mainly meth, in the city & those surrounding. He cleaned himself up from every aspect of the W of W *Word of Wisdom*: Coffee, Harmful & Addictive drugs, Alcohol, Tea, & Tobacco(CHATT). Every one of those he had issue with. But, he wanted it so badly he got rid of it all! He is a truck driver by profession but does the whole scrapping game now. He is a crack-up to listen to & there is an amazing spirit about him.
A Better Picture of James' Baptism
Those are the people in the pictures & a little bit about both of them. Oh, and then there is the horse whose house is too little. All I could think when I saw this was,
"Seize the boy! Why aren't you seizing the boy?!"
"I can't! I have a big head and little arms!"

Anyway, I love you guys! I miss you bunches!

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

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