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E-mail March 5, 2012

*This is another one where it's more of a conversation then just a quick e-mail, and it wouldn't make any sense to just post Daniel's side. So, here's my e-mail to him, his back to me, and so on...*

Hey Tempe! How are things going? Ok, so I've talked with the family and we have all decided that you need to explain why you want to be adopted into elder Carolle's family! I don't have a whole lot of time to write today, but you usually don't have a whole lot of time to ready either, so it kinda works out! ;) Clayton is spending the day over here while Jess stays with Ben in the hospital (No big deal, his knee has been giving him some trouble and he's having surgery to get everything fixed. I'm sure Jess will tell you about it when she gets a minute!). But I thought I would send you a picture I took of Michelle and Clayton. I'm not sure how many pictures Jess sends you, but I thought this one was pretty cute! Anyway, I love you lots! Keep up the good work!


Hey Rand!

Everything is going well! Haha, I said that I was just going to be
adopted into Elder Carroll's family because I wasnt getting any
mail/e-mails from ANYONE in the family, except you of course. It
happened like 2 or 3 weeks in a row so I just decided I would go
elsewhere. Even still, you and Mom and, like 2/3 of the time, Dad are
the only ones that I get e-mails from. The only way I know what is
going on with the family is through you. It's redonkulous! But, ah
well.. The work is true and the book is blue. I have been good though.
The pictures I get are always from you, although I have gotten a
couple from Mom in a package or two that they have sent.

But yeah! I love you and I miss you and your blowfishy family.

~Elder Daniel Peterson


Awww, Daniel!! I can't believe you're not getting mail! Judging by how much everyone talks about you all the time I'd think you would be overloaded! Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I know that, in my ward, we were recently counseled to be careful with how much and how often we write to our missionaries! We were told a letter a week is appropriate, but more then that can become a burden on the missionary. BUT- if you're not getting too much from everyone else then maybe I'm allowed to write more often?! lol! Anyway, just know that a lack of mail in no way reflects a lack of thought or love from your family! I don't think there has been a single time that I have been down that you weren't talked about or prayed for. We all love you VERY much! and couldn't be more proud of you! I love you Tempe! Keep up the good work!
-Randi and the Blowfish


Hey Rand!
Thanks for always writing and everything. I know the family is thinking about me and everything, which is good to know I havent been forgotten just yet =P. I got stuff from Jessica and Ben this week which was awesome. The fact that Jessica took time out of her day to HAND WRITE a letter... ASTOUNDING!! Haha. I loved it. I was very greatful to hear from Ben-jammin too since he just had his surgery and everything. That's crazy!

So, I dont have a whole lot of time left but, tell Michelle I love her and that I have a surprise for her birthday already lined up. I cant remember if her birthday is on the 17th or the 23rd of June. *It's the 16th* Or maybe its neither. I just remember it being 3 or 4 days right before or after Ryan's birthday. I also have stuff for Ryan's (he is going to LOVE it... hopefully) and Katie's birthday. Mom for mother's day since that is coming up soon...ish. But, Tell someone, prolly one of the parents or Jess, unless you know, to let me know if the Mavs really do suck this season and why. I hear rumors that we now have Lamar Odom on our team. If we do... I might just cry and disown the Mavericks as my team. I cant believe it... I wont believe it... NEVER!!

Anyway, I love you Randi Michelle. Thanks for everything. For being the example that lead me to this point. Keep up the good work, even if it is on members ;)

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

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