Tuesday, June 5, 2012

February 29, 2012

** Dearest Modda

Hey Mom,
Thank you so much for the package! Thin Mints are ALWAYS good to get. I'm gunna get more closer to Easter, right? : P Joke! Haha. The scriptures are awesome! Los Choco Zucaritas son vale. Haha, the chocolate Frosted Flakes are okay. They kind of taste like roasted mallows. But, thank you so much for it all.

This week has been good! We have had a good/weird past couple of days. You know how I sent that e-mail about the flat tires and everything? Well, last night I got yet another flat tire. So, we walked 45 minutes to get home at 10:00 pm. But, yet again, we had a great day because of it. We were walking to the bike shop to get a new inner tube and we passed a few people on the way. We talked to ALL of them. Then we came across this lady who just moved to Arizona a couple months ago. She told up she had been looking for a church and we set up an appointment with her! After we got the inner tube we were out doing our normal thing but when we were on our way back for dinner we came across this guy who flagged us down. He asked where he could get a B of M & we whipped one out for him. He is kind of a theologist and wants to look into what we believe. We now have another person to get a hold of in a couple of weeks! Today was awesome. It was, once again, all because of a flat tire.

Last night was super weird though. I will write about it in the e-mail home on Monday.

So, things are going well. There are only 2 more weeks until the next possible transfer, jut a heads up!

Love you much Mom! Miss you!

~Elder Daniel Peterson

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