Tuesday, June 5, 2012

February 22, 2012

Hey Mom!
I know I just wrote you but, the same day I sent that last letter out I got your letter. So here is another one!

So with Jerry's age. Brooks has this weird way of remembering the area code. He says, "85, the age of your grandpa. 04, the age of your nephew. 8, the age of baptism." So, I had to check & see because Clayton actually is 4. **Actually Clayton is 3, but we'll let it slide.** Haha, weird, I know, but I had to find out. I will definitely write him back if he writes me.

With Sister Longhurst, I would love to write her but I don't have her address. I just looked through all of my letters and I don't have any from her. At least not with an address on it. So if you could send that in an e-mail that would be awesome.

I didn't know our mission Pres. had asked us to do that, Haha. I just felt bed not everyone would get a letter. Plus, I wanted to write all of them. Speaking of, did Nick end up going? And with all of the priests in the ward, I don't have most of their addresses. Could you send me all of the teacher's and Priest's addresses?

I write to a few people. Jovanna is one that writes pretty frequently. Another is Kristen Klein. I worked with her way back when and went to her confirmation with Katie in Denton that one Sunday a few years back. Randi writes a lot if she doesn't e-mail on Mondays. ** : D** I actually just got a post card from Megan Maker, Taylor Baker's sister. She is serving in California right now, spanish speaking. So that was kewl. But, no I haven't heard from, nor have I been able to write, Matt or Taylor cause I don't have and of their info.

Katie & Josh?!? What? I never would have put them two together. I knew she was getting married but I had no idea to who. That's crazy.

Well, I'm glad to hear you're doing okay, for the most part. I love you Mom. I miss you. Thanks for the picture. That is the first time I've seen it.

~ Elder Daniel Peterson, YMS

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