Monday, June 11, 2012


Daniel hasn't been the best at taking pictures or at sending home the few pictures that he has taken. So, for now, here's what we've got...

"My Snow Angel!" 3-18-12

"More pictures of when it snowed." 3-18-12

"Even more pictures of when it snowed" 3-18-12

"ELK!" 3-23-12

"BAMBI!" 3-23-12

"These obviously aren't streets but I can tell you that Deb & Danny live at the white house that is on that street." 3-23-12

"Our humble abode & truck!" 3-26-12

"This is right above my desk!" 3-26-12

"I ALMOST fit into these cupboards!" 3-29-12

"Big horse no like tiny house!" 3-30-12
Like I said, Daniel's not the best photographer, but you get an idea of where he is, and how hard his life must be right now. I mean, to be up in the mountains surrounded by deer, horses and beautiful forests... that's gotta be rough! ;)

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