Tuesday, June 5, 2012

February 29, 2012

**This letter was addressed to "Dearest Fodda" Lol!

Hey Pa!
Thanks for the scriptures! They are great. I think I should also attribute the "Choco Zucaritas" to you as well, si? Haha, they are different. They kind of taste like roasted mallows. So, not bad, just different.

The bike is holding up well! Although the roads & my front tire don't seem to mesh well. After going through the original tube, 2 slim tubes, both of which had the protective liner as well, I decided to get on of those super trick tubes. Next i will just go to the straight rubber tubes! It's crazy.

I might end up sending the iPod back. There are a lot of songs I can't listen to, unfortunately. But there are a lot that are really good, the talks are awesome & most of the videos are way good too. I'll prolly make a playlist of all the songs I can't listen to or something. I fyou wanted to you could also add a couple of Albums in their place. They are all "Tribute" albums. There is like tribute to the Work, Tribute to The Trek, and one other one I can't think of right now. Sorry! I kno wyou worked on that for a while.

So how has everything been? I hear it's starting to warm up there. Any snow this past winter? Oh, I took my camera to Best Buy this past P-Day & they said it would be fixed in "5 to 10 business days". They will be calling the house though. I couldn't give them our number so, they will call you guys when the camera is ready. Back to my barrage of questions. How are Ryan and Chelci doin? How about Katie? How is she liking Cinemark? The big question... How is Charlize? That's the Maxima, just so you know : P Now, how are YOU doing? I had to pry that answer out of Mom. So don't make me do it out of you! Haha.

Well, I love you Pa. I miss you. Hope all is going well.

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

P.S. Choco Zucaritas are fantastic with Peanut Butter.

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