Saturday, June 30, 2012

E-Mail April 23, 2012

Hey Everyone!
I dont have a whole lot of time left so the message will probably be a short one. But, first I have an unrelated question: What is everyone's conversion story? With the exception of Chelci and Brain, we have all been members of the church our entire lives BUT, that doesnt mean there hasnt been a point in our lives that converted us to The Gospel.
So, there was a brother in our ward that gave a talk to the youth yesterday that really stuck out to me. I have always admired my Young Mens leaders so that might be why I enjoyed this talk but! He was talking to the youth about the examples that they set. He told multiple stories of instances where the example that someone had set was what caused them to join the church. This brother went on to say that "We are here to help others understand and reach their highest potential." We can do so by setting an example that they can follow. We try to follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as best we can. So when others that surround us see what we are doing or hear how we are talking they should see a representative of The Lord. They, if they decide to, will try to follow our example and in turn are trying to follow the example that Jesus Christ has set which will allow them to reach exaltation.
Connor has been a huge influence in my life, not always for the better but, he has been. I know that I have at least made an impact in his life because of how he acted when he was around me. He was respectful and honored the moral values that I lived by. He would clean up his language, for the most part, when he was around me and would refrain from doing certain things that I know he used to do years ago. I dont know if he will ever join The Church in this life but, I hope that by doing what I am doing it will make an impact on his life. Now, the rest of the Family can still do so. I know that he has been over at least once (or he said he was going to) so whatever you are doing, he is watching. "How great will be your joy"...

I love each and every one of you. I hope that the examples that we set for others can help build up the kingdom of God by building up His children.
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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