Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hey Familia!

So, this is really just a letter to let you guys know what all has happened today.

So, today being our P-day * Preparation day* we get to have our fun day, right? Well, the Tuesday prior we had all talked about going to some caves. That didn't happen! So instead we went to a members property & helped him with some chores. But first, lets recap real quick what I did last week. Learned to rope & rode a horse bare back. Done! This week I helped corral cattle. Sorted out all the calves. Helped with the chute. Tagged em'. Branded em'. Here comes the fun part! Castrated the bulls! Woot! Haha, I have done just about all there is to do. Then we went over to the members place & had bratwursts, watermelon, deviled egg potato salad, pink lemonade & elk sausage! Went to teach a FHE *Family Home Evening* lesson with a family & came home feeling like butt! So, I think I am going to go to bed now.

I love you all & miss you!

~ Elder Daniel Peterson

P.S.- Here are some pictures from last P-day. 

*Still have to scan those in. I'll post them here ASAP!*

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