Saturday, June 30, 2012

E-Mail June 4, 2012

Hey everyone!
This week has been really good. We started out the week (P-day) by going to a members house and roping. I was really learning how to do most of it but, it was a lot of fun! I also got to ride a horse! Bare back! Hahaha, it was so legit! I got a couple of pictures and will be sending those home this week. We might be going to do something like that again today. The rest of the week kind of went as usual with no real excitement other than the fact that we had 7 or 8 lessons this week which is the most we have had in a while! Then on Friday we were out in Vernon looking for this family that had just moved into the ward and was being taught by other Elders. So we found their road but none of the houses had house numbers so we turned around and started to head back to Show Low. On the way back there was a snake in the middle of the road, just a little Bull Snake, and we had just picked up this pole (the end of a broom) earlier that morning. So I backed up and Elder Woerner and I started to mess with it! We picked it up, on the stick, although I really wanted to grab it by the back of the head and then send THAT picture home, and took a few pictures and everything and then I was gonna let it go but Elder Woerner was like, "Lemme see!" So I gave it to him and he swung the stick, with the snake on there, like a baseball bat and flung it out into this field about 50 feet out. It looked pretty funny flyin through the air. But, after that we came home and finished up the night here in Show Low.
Then comes Sunday. Yesterday was amaz-zing. I really strengthened, if not gained, a testimony on Fasting. Saturday night when I was beginning my fast I prayed that we might be able to work in a way to help our area progress and that He might help us see the fruits of our labors. Well... Let me tell you; He definitely had a hand in this one. We go to church not expecting anyone to be there since we havent really been teaching anyone in this ward (Second Ward). This guy Chris Satterlee, who we only get to teach about once a transfer cause he works 4 jobs, shows up to church! He hasnt ever been and decided he really wanted to go this Sunday! Woot! Miracle #1 done. Then, since it was Testimony Meeting, every other person started to bear their testimony on the missionary work they have been doing! So, we still need to go and stop by all those people but still! Miracle #2 done. After that ward let out we went back to our place and studied for a little bit before First Ward started. We went there and we see 4 of our investigators, The Hutchinsons, there. Normally only 3 of them come but all 4 of them were there. AND one of the little girls said she wants to get baptized with the other 2 that we put on date this week! Woot! Woot! Not only were they there but like 15 kids got up and bore their testimonies on all the missionary work THEY had been doing also! What the heck! Miracle #3 finito. I couldnt believe it! It was absolutely amazing! Now, it wasnt all just gonna happen without there being some obstacle right? Of course not! Bro. Hutchinson, the father, used to be super agnostic so he has looked at everything there is to know about any religion and really takes things by the letter. Kind of Pharisee like. It's dumb. But, after Gospel Principles class he walks out and tells us, "I've been really good today at not correcting people." Elder Woerner and I look at each other and give each other a puzzled look. He goes on to say, "Today is NOT the Sabbath... The Sabbath is NOT Sunday." Oh my heck... this guy has crazy concerns for being LDS. Secondly, he says, "Oh! And I went to the temple the other day. Not inside cause I cant do that, not that I ever would, but I walked around outside it." We then ask him, "Well, what was so bad about it?" Then he comes up with this crazy answer. "Theres a friggin statue on top! I told you I have had issues with that in the catholic church! The Bible specifically says 'No graven images!'" ... ... ... How the heck are you supposed to answer that? "We dont worship those idols. I have always thought that that was what the Bible says about that. That's what it says in the next verse." Nope! That doesnt matter. He just goes off on this tangent about the Bible saying that we are not to have ANY graven images. I really wanna throw it back in his face and say that it also says "nor any likeness..." So does he want us to take down all of our pictures of Christ and any other things? And what about in his house? Should we point out that he has pictures of Christ in his home?? It's ridiculous. He's crazy and I am scared to be bold with him cause he has openly said that he has no issue taking people out of the picture... Yeah, he's insane. But, there are people in there that need the Gospel. So yeah! besides that Sunday was awesome!
I hope to hear from everyone soon! I love and miss you all!
~Elder Daniel Peterson

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