Monday, June 11, 2012

E-Mail March 26, 2012

*At this point we STILL didn't know where Daniel was! No address, no companion updates, nothing! So, I decided to be stern with Daniel, the same way I am stern with my own children, and get some answers.*

DANIEL LAWRENCE PETERSON!! You are in big trouble mister! I have been checking my mail box every day waiting for a letter from you. I wake up in the morning and think to myself, "Today I will get a letter from Daniel with his new address!!" then I go skipping out to check the mail that afternoon (yes, I have literally skipped to the mailbox) and- NOTHING! So then I think to myself, "Maybe the mailman just hasn't delivered it yet." So, I have sent Bryan out to the mailbox every night to double check it for me, and guess what?! NOTHING!! So I sat there Saturday night and thought to myself, "Well.... maybe he sent it to Mom and Dad and they just forgot to share with everyone." So, Sunday evening I was talking with Dad and asking him if he knew your new address or at lest where you were transferred to, and guess what...... NOTHING!!! So, it's not officially Monday and I know that today is your P-day so I BETTER GET AN ADDRESS!!! And, I tell you what, if you don't send me your new address today... so help me Daniel Lawrence, I will send you straight to Time Out!!

Now... I don't want to leave you with harsh words, because I'm not sure that I'll be on when you get on. So... how is your new area? Who's your new companion? Are you taking pictures? (I already gave you a hard time in this letter so I won't give you more of a hard time about pictures. BUT- just remember that these two years are going to go quickly and when they are over you're going to want pictures to look back on. AND- your scrapbook is going to be pretty sad without any pictures!) Do you need anything? How are you doing? You could tell me if you're sad about leaving your old companion or your old area or whatever! You need to be able to tell someone and I don't mind if you vent to me. I did it to! Or, if you're doing well I would love to hear about the awesome people you're teaching or the beautiful weather you've been having. (Yes, I know your weather has been beautiful, I have an app on my phone that tells me the weather in Melissa, Plano, and Tempe AZ! lol!) Alrighty, Tina Marie is screaming at me so I have to get going. I love your guts! Keep up the good work! (And take pictures of yourself doin' it! ;))

Love you!
Randi and The Blowfish


Randi Michelle Peterson!! (Yes, PETERSON) YOU, lil' missy, have NO stewardship over me to throw me in time-out. You havent gotten a physical letter because I didnt know my address until Thursday and I am only allowed to write letters on P-day. So, I have waited because obedience brings blessings. I have sent Mother-dearest an e-mail with some small stuff about the area and all that jazz so speak with her. But, I will be sending a physical letter home and that will have more stuff in it. Because we still have things to do! Unfortunately. I kind of wish we could just make phone calls on p-days, ya know? It would make things go so much faster! But, that is not what is allowed. So yeah, I would talk to some peoples back in P-town about pictures and letter and stuffs in a few days. Thanks much!
I love you Rand! Keep being the super-mom you are! Miss you!

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